First, Charles Tan has conducted mini-interviews with each contributor to After on SF Signal. Here are the first three, with Jane Yolen, Gregory Maguire, and Richard Bowes.

And here are the photos from the KGB reading October 17th, with John Kessel and S.G. Browne .

Guests were Peter Straub and CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan. Shirley Jackson was the special guest and her daughter Sarah Hyman DeWitt (Sadie) represented her wonderfully. It was a great convention, as always.
I was GOH at Fantasticon in Copenhagen, along with Alastair Reynolds. I had a very nice time and was taken to two museums by Lars Ahn Pedersen, walked up and down the streets, saw a LOT of contstruction (as can be seen), visited Tivoli and saw a vain peacock in full display, and visited the zoo. A full, satisfying trip.
Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear (who subbed for Caitlin R. Kiernan at the last minute) was spectacular. The bar was packed, the drink flowed, and we all ate very good Chinese food afterward.
Photos of sunset/sunrise (SLC/NYC respectively), the weekend at the hotel, of Salt Lake City and some of its oddities:
Liva Llewellyn read a harrowing story from a demon's point of view and N.K. Jemisin read a wonderful excerpt from her most recent novel: Fantastic Fiction at KGB, February
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( Feb. 17th, 2012 06:14 pm)
It's taken awhile but all my London photos are now up on flickr:
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( Jan. 28th, 2012 12:13 pm)
Cat Sparks, Australian writer and editor was in NYC for a few days and so I set up a dinner party at a place called The Crooked Knife. Here's the proof.
dinner at The Crooked Knife

The place had crappy acoustics with a low tin ceiling so it was very loud. Afterward, a few of us (including Cat) went to a much quieter Irish pub.
Sorry that I've been away from dreamwidth and live journal for so long but The Best Horror of the Year volume four just completely ate up my time. But I handed it in to Night Shade this past Sunday 5:30 a.m and a great weight has been lifted off my mind. Of course, I'll need to start reading for #5 shortly but I can relax a bit. I've got an original anthology that Terri and I are finishing over the next few weeks but I feel less pressure.
I'll be traveling to London end of the month for two weeks for my annual visit and will stay in Camden Town with the Clutes hang around with Pat Cadigan. I will also meet with various other friends and colleagues.

An e-book deal is brewing regarding an anthology long out of print that was never released in the USA. I'm excited and will give details as soon as I know when it will be out.
I'm hoping to sell more anthologies over the next few months (original and reprint) and keeping fingers crossed that this will indeed happen.
But in the meantime, here are the photos:

Miami Beach & with my family in Fort Lauderdale for lunch and Waxahachie wetlands
Gemma Files and Ekaterina Sedia gave great readings: Photos here
A week ago Sunday a group of us trekked to The Museum of Natural History and went to four exhibits. My favorites were the frogs and the butterflies. Photos
I attended the annual Camden on the Sea Christmas festivities (mostly serving coffee) and rode through some glorious scenery, shopped at a couple of antique malls where I bought a wonderful array of interesting (mostly small) vintage tools.
photographs from Maine. It was a relaxing several days visiting with friends.
Andy Duncan and Michael Swanwick were wonderful.

Any additions/corrections will have to wait till Monday.
So...I wrote a post on LJ, pushed post and it got hung up and never posted. In addition, my DW posts are not going there. This is extraordinarily frustrating.

I've mostly been tweeting as it's quicker and everything goes directly to FB. (I don't care for the enforced brevity but...).

Briefly: toe's doing well--doc says to come back end of September and if it's still a little "thick" I can have a cortisone shot to help ease the internal scarring, but he thinks that over time it will continue to get better. No boot no cane. I'm walking. I told him I'm worried about winter when I'll be wearing closed shoes and boots but he says I could do so now if I want. ( I don't want).

Off to mom's tomorrow -steamy Florida for a week (if the threatened thunderstorms don't delay/cancel the flight). All you can eat Chinese/Japanese, lobster, Lucille's bbq, lots of movies (rented or in the theater--I'm going to see Harry Potter with my mom), may see some relatives. Reading for Best Horror #4 and catching up on my New Yorkers. I will be online too.

Oh yeah. I posted store guy Josh Cook's photos that he took of the reading in Cambridge, MA the 14th:
and of beautiful Bella here:
I need to take new photos of Sophie. When I get home.


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