Sorry that I've been away from dreamwidth and live journal for so long but The Best Horror of the Year volume four just completely ate up my time. But I handed it in to Night Shade this past Sunday 5:30 a.m and a great weight has been lifted off my mind. Of course, I'll need to start reading for #5 shortly but I can relax a bit. I've got an original anthology that Terri and I are finishing over the next few weeks but I feel less pressure.
I'll be traveling to London end of the month for two weeks for my annual visit and will stay in Camden Town with the Clutes hang around with Pat Cadigan. I will also meet with various other friends and colleagues.

An e-book deal is brewing regarding an anthology long out of print that was never released in the USA. I'm excited and will give details as soon as I know when it will be out.
I'm hoping to sell more anthologies over the next few months (original and reprint) and keeping fingers crossed that this will indeed happen.
But in the meantime, here are the photos:

Miami Beach & with my family in Fort Lauderdale for lunch and Waxahachie wetlands


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