July 2011
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10:46 am

Introduction to Supernatural Noir

09:50 am

Naked City & Supernatural Noir pub date

06:35 pm

Interview with me about Naked City on Suvudu

09:26 pm

A newly discovered rave for Best Horror #3

12:42 am

Friday evening

10:07 am

Change to my Readercon schedule


12:30 pm

Out of the boot and into the world

07:42 pm

Interview with me on Omnivoracious

12:58 pm

Geoff Ryman & Katherine Vaz reading at KGB Wednesday

01:07 pm

Readings from Supernatural Noir at KGB Friday July 22

06:33 pm

Supernatural Noir giveaway

10:32 pm

Readercon photos

12:24 am

Readercon was great


09:51 am

Supernatural Noir giveaway

01:33 am

Photos from July 20th KGB reading

02:06 pm

World Fantasy Award nominations announced

05:32 pm

Hello I must be going+ photos from Porter Square Naked City reading

10:41 pm

paying forward



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