Anna Kashina just interviewed me a few days ago about editing. What an anthology editor does--the process of what's involved in putting together a good anthology. The timing as it happens, is perfect, because I just read an unbelievably ignorant post by a self-titled "editor" who informs us: "The work is not hard. In fact, it takes very little time although one must be an able communicator. ... I can tell you that the time it takes to work on an anthology is negligible when compared to the time it takes for writers to contribute their stories. It mostly consists of waiting for the short stories to be delivered by their due date—then reading them at night when the work for the day is done and editing where appropriate". Read more here: How editors Juggle Anthologies.

So here's what editors actually do when editing anthologies Interview with Ellen Datlow, award-winning editor of science fiction, fantasy, and horror

Pass it on.
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( Aug. 5th, 2010 02:55 pm)
...that is, in addition to suffering the heat of NYC. Today's weather is utterly miserable and by the time I got home from my errands I felt like a pack horse ready to be put out of my misery.

But it's cool in my air-conditioned living room and I'm drinking iced tea and looking at the bound galleys of TEETH: Vampire Tales edited by me and Terri. I also got a cover flat of the corrected cover (the text on the galley is the incorrect text --please note if you see it around) and I'll be taking it to Australia with me to show off--especially to the two contributors there: Garth Nix and Kaaron Warren. I will also be videoing them with my flip for the little marketing video I and HarperCollins is putting together.

Last weekend I went to see Salt and enjoyed it very much. Fast-moving adventure, kick-ass Angeline Jolie as a secret agent--totally preposterous, as is every other superman secret agent from James Bond to Jason Bourne. It's refreshing to see a woman in the role.

Working steadily on the final edits for my two original anthologies that I've got to hand in before I leave for Australia. (and a few final story decisions to make). I thank certain people (you know who you are) for being patient.

Finally, Hip Hip Hooray for Judge Vaughn Walker and his brilliant analysis of why Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.
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( Jan. 31st, 2010 11:26 pm)
But first, I'm home and so happy to be here. Of course, I'm going off for the next two weekends to be Guest of Honor at Aggiecon in College Station, TX and then Radcon in Pasco Washington but still. The weather when I returned Friday afternoon was a shock, even though it was cooler than usual down in Florida.

A bit of excitement taking off from West Palm Beach airport. We were on the runway, in the process of speeding up to take off when the plane slowed down and stopped. We were told by the Captain that he'd aborted takeoff because a flock of birds to the right side of the plane (I was on the left) took off and one flew into the nose of the plane. So... just to make sure dead birdie didn't get into the engines, we had to return to the gate for said engines to be checked out. While we waited the Captain said he's come down the aisle to ask questions. He got to me (2/3 of the way back) and I asked what kind of bird it was but he didn't know. I'm guessing egrets or something. After a mere half hour delay we were on our way.

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Last night was KGB with Sarah Micklem and Alisa Kwitney (the latter, Bob Sheckley's daughter, someone I've known since she was 14 --although I can't remember, she says we met then). Both readers were excellent and the audience was appreciative--photos as soon as I get a few last ids sorted. Photos of the event

Kimball Johnson, a filmmaker who was at World Fantasy and hoping to sell a genre series to a cable channel, interviewed me with a few of my Lovecraft Unbound contributors there. We made an appointment to film some more when they were coming to NYC to meet with publishers: Orbit and Tor.

He wanted to film me at KGB and then interview me the next day (today) around my neighborhood. He was unobtrusive at KGB, only bringing a small camera and not his cameramen or big equipment. I told him earlier via email that he could not come up to my apartment to see where I work because it's just too much of a mess and there wouldn't be room anyway...So I suggested the High Line --and he wanted me to bring a writer along so I asked Rick Bowes to accompany us.

Kimball and Rick picked me up in the afternoon, and we picked up his sons and all the equipment from their van around the corner and hiked to the High Line. It was drizzly and I hadn't been there before in bad weather but as I suspected it was lovely. And very few people.

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A new Mindmeld is up and here a bunch of anthologist were asked exactly how they put together anthologies. Some of our responses were so long (guilty, as charged) that a second half is being posted next week. But here you can see Behind the Scenes...How the Hottest Short Fiction Anthologies Are Created (Part 1)
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 08:17 pm)
During the weekend I watched From the Terrace, part of my "catch-up watching Paul Newman movies" plan since he died. Lousy movie but joy in watching Newman--gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous--and Joanne Woodward, who also is beautiful in this one (in many of her movies--even with Newman-- she was made to look dowdy). Young man home from WWII doesn't want to join his dad in his biz and goes to NYC with a buddy to start an aircraft design company. Meets socialite Joanne Woodward and steals her away from her fiance, Patrick O'Neal. Marries her and things go downhill for the two of them from there.

And more Carnivale-started the second season.

Dinner with friends at a very loud, only so-so Mexican restaurant on W 4th street called Burrito Loco--not cheap enough to go again but caught one friend up on the leg saga (haven't talked to her since before I went to London and didn't want to email it all to her). Brunch on the upper west side Sunday then down down to Flatbush, Brooklyn for a lovely book party to celebrate three new tarot related books by Rachel Pollack.

Doc today--he thinks next Monday may be my last visit (despite the fact that I slightly "burned" my leg an inch down from "the wound" with the silver nitrate I applied last Thursday --I think the Band-aid must have slipped and smeared it a wee bit). Wound is half the size it was last Monday --about the size of a nickel (although not really round -more oblongish). I told him I'd miss our Monday late afternoon meetings :-). He's a nice guy.

This evening I've been rereading for Best Horror of the Year#1 --Jeremy needs to put something on the cover!!!! I need to make more final decisions. So far I've committed to 8 stories--more tonight, even as I continue to read some things for the first time. Ash-Tree had several collections of contemporary writers with original stories in each book.

And in between reading, adding to basic bios I have of those in the Tachyon reprint antho.

Also, to my horror, I discovered walking down Bleecker street that Miracle Grill with my favorite hamburgers, home made potato chips, and grapefruit soda is GONE!!! (it must have closed around Valentine's Day as there are hearts on the window). But to my joy, I just discovered (thank you CNN.COM) that the Garage fleamarket in Chelsea has NOT closed. Whoopie!

And one more thing--all books for blogging have gone out as of today. If anyone doesn't get what they're supposed to in a week or so, let me know.
Just up at Clarkesworld Magazine, Jeremy L.C. Jones has interviewed, me, John Joseph Adams, Jonathan Strahan, James Lowder, Ann VanderMeer, and Jeff VanderMeer about editing anthologies "Anthologists Discuss Their Craft"


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