Colin Harvey chooses Inferno as his Desert Island anthology, saying very nice things about it here.
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( Sep. 29th, 2009 03:32 pm)
Rue Morgue October
In Poe, Hugo Award winning editor Ellen Datlow celebrates Poe’s 200th birthday by assembling nineteen original stories inspired by the master. Standout tales include Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s decidedly vicious “Flitting Away,” about a woman who is beaten and left for dead after a date rape, Laird Barron’s “Strappado,” concerning a group of aristocratic art aficionados who attend an underground exhibit and discover that they are destined to become a permanent part of the collection, and “Beyond Porch and Portal,” a rather unique entry by E. Catherine Tobler that examines Poe’s last days. Other authors offer up stories dealing with deadly plagues, scary shapeshifters, demented doppelgangers and even dead NASCAR drivers. While there are a couple of clunkers in the bunch, Poe is still worth reading cover to cover, as it’s fun trying to guess which classic story inspired which author.
--Last Chance Lance

From Karissa's reading Room:
Troll's Eye View

From the Australian group blog Not if you were the last Short story on earth
Troll's Eye View

and From The Zone
A thoughtful review by someone to whom I sent a “freebee for blogging” copy.

Datlow's Inferno
First three readers/posters who would like Inferno, let me know now.
And if you win just email me your address at datlow at yahoo dot com
and let me know if you want the book signed.

Come and get em!
Inferno and The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy made this top ten list (they count from December to December, I think). Whoopie!
The 2008 Tomb Top Ten
These recommended stories will be losing their eligibility at the end of the month, so if you are an SFWA member and had intended to read them and/or rec them do it NOW--I can email you a copy or you can read them through the link on the NAR.
Barron, Laird -> The Forest
Hirshberg, Glen -> The Janus Tree
Thomas, Lee -> An Apiary of White Bees

Short Stories:
Ballingrud, Nathan -> Monsters of Heaven
Bear, Elizabeth -> Inelastic Collisions
Dowling, Terry -> The Suits at Auderlene
Ford, Jeffrey -> The Bedroom Light
Shepard, Lucius -> The Ease With Which We Freed the Beast
As I'm sure everyone has heard, the nominations are out, The Coyote Road and Inferno both made the ballot in the anthology category and Kij Johnson's extraordinary story "The Evolution of Trickster Tales Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change" is also nominated.
I'm over the moon. I'm also very pleased that Terri and Midori Snyder have been nominated for the Endicott Studios website they've run for so long in special award non-pro.
Congratulations to everyone.
...wherein I extol the virtues of short horror fiction:
Interview of Ellen Datlow by Charles Tan

Sarah Monette talks about the stories in The Bone Key
Interview with Sarah Monette
I've just been informed that the following stories made the final ballot:
Barron, Laird "The Forest" Inferno, Dec, Tor
Bear, Elizabeth "Tideline" Asimov's, March
Chiang, Ted "The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate" F&SF, Sept
Ford, Jeffrey "The Dreaming Wind" Coyote Road, Viking Juvenile, July
Fowler, Karen Joy "Always" Asimov's, Apr/May
Johnson, Kij "The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs Of North Park After the Change"
NOTE: Johnson, a juror, removed story from consideration.
Coyote Road, Viking Juvenile, July
Jones, Gwynneth "The Tomb Wife" F&SF, August
Kessel, John "The Last American" Foundation 100, August
McLeod, Ian R. "The Master Miller's Wife" F&SF, May
Moles, David "Finistera" F&SF, Dec
Sinisalo, Johanna "Baby Doll" SFWA European Hall of Fame, Tor, June
Wolfe, Gene "Memorare" F&SF, April

Congratulations everyone! I'm so sorry that Kij had to remove her wonderful story from consideration but of course, it was necessary.
The winner has apparently been selected but won't be announced until Mid-July.
Mostly with work the past day as I got almost nothing done from Wed-Friday after Wiscon. So read and edited all today until movie time this evening.

I watched two episodes of Deadwood and Stray Dog by Kurosawa and with Toshira Mifune, about a rookie cop whose stolen gun is used to commit crimes and is driven by his guilt to solve the crimes. DVD player has a glitch. The sound has gone off--as if it's recorded in a studio rather than natural sounding...Never happened before. I've gotten advice from someone on a listserve as to how to check out what might be wrong with it. Tomorrow...
Mary Robinette Kowal was over for scotch, fruit, cheese, and fig bread and fixed my DVD player--by reading the directions. It was mistaken set to reverb something or other...the cats did it. I know I certainly didn't!

And finally...
Horror World has just posted a very good review of INFERNO.
The link moves to Horror World in July.

Toodling off to bed so that I am bright eyed and bushy tailed enough for more work tomorrow. (and to fiddle with the DVD player)
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( May. 27th, 2008 12:02 am)
Foresthouse, who received a copy of INFERNO for review a few weeks ago, has posted a very nice piece here:
Walking on the Edge

I'm sitting in my room at 11:05 pm CT with the wind absolutely howling outside. Mary Robinette Kowal, my roomie for the night is writing a story. We're both occasionally breaking out into amazed giggles at the incredible sound.

I've had a great time at the convention, some great meals and saw a lot of friends. Unfortunately, I ran into several people I had no idea were attending and didn't have time to hang out with them.

I won an original oil by Terri Windling at the Tiptree Auction last night. Today Ysabeau Wilce and I (my roomie till today) went to an antique mall. And I had a steak dinner in the hotel restaurant with Jeremy Lassen (Nightshade) tonight--I wanted one more steak before returning to NYC where I can't afford steak in restaurants.

I've got my cheese curds and a lovely very hard bread I got at the market yesterday--I guess I'll chomp them on the plane home tomorrow.

Glad to be returning home. Back tomorrow night.
I'm not familiar with this webzine but boy, does someone like the book. Thank you.

The Fantasy Times

A quote:

"Inferno is the utmost in genre goodness from the heart of the horror annals. Although there is no ‘theme’ to this anthology, there is an overarching sense of taking the best of every type of genre story, mix it with odd circumstance and then mashing it into a piece that cannot be put into a stereotype of horror fiction (zombies, cultists etc.) Instead, the anthology gives those of us who wish to send people to good examples of horror fiction a text book, of sorts, to learn from. There is something for every type of genre reader and can serve as a gateway to the dark fantasy/horror genre."


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