First, Charles Tan has conducted mini-interviews with each contributor to After on SF Signal. Here are the first three, with Jane Yolen, Gregory Maguire, and Richard Bowes.

And here are the photos from the KGB reading October 17th, with John Kessel and S.G. Browne .
AFTER was featured in io9's Bookshelf Injection
All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can’t Miss in October!

Terri and I were interviewed in DA Kentner column THE READERS' WRITERS
plus it will be appearing slightly abbreviated through the GateHouse News Service

And here's the video chat between me and Mike Davis:

(you can see a furry tentacle like object moving in out and of the room -it's Bella's tail. She walked back and forth on my lap during some of the interview and although I tried to get her head high enough to be seen by the webcam, alas, only her tail made it into the show.
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( Feb. 27th, 2011 01:58 am)
I'm home from New Jersey safe and sound after doing some antiquing yesterday, having a fantastic dinner at Shawna McCarthy's house, and then doing the outlets today. Exhausting but fun. Wiped out but watched a couple of movies this evening which I'll mention tomorrow.

An interview with author Richard Bowes about his forthcoming novel Dust Devil: My Life in Speculative Fiction is on the Mermaniac site Dancing the Dance: An Interview with Richard Bowes

and Andy Porter has posted photos of the sf community at Historical photos of science fiction fandom from Andy Porter's collection --you might recognize more than a few faces.
I'm afraid that what I've got to say is pretty wimpy. I've been in book publishing long enough to know that predicting its future is not something I could ever do. I'm assuming that others taking part in the conversation will be surer of themselves than I am on the subject.
The Grand Conversation on ebooks
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( Dec. 1st, 2010 06:05 pm)
The phone interview I did last weekend about Haunted Legends will be replayed on Radio Dentata tomorrow at midnight ET.

Then the interview will be posted online on the Cult Radio a gogo website for free by the end of this week.
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( Sep. 13th, 2010 09:33 pm)
My anthology with Nick Mamatas Haunted Legends is about to be published by Tor. Here are two more interviews conducted with me and/or Nick, mostly about the anthology:
From Fangoria and Hellnotes:
Here's Charles Tan's new interview with Christopher Barzak on his story "Map of Seventeen" at SF Signal.

Also, Colleen Mondor is enjoying The Beastly Bride and will be reviewing it in her column Chasing Ray in July. In the meantime she says: "Standouts so far: "Map of Seventeen" by Christopher Barzak, "Island Lake" by E. Catherine Tobler and "The Hikikomori" by Hiromi Goto."
He writes:
" Locus Online has just launched my new interview series, focusing on short fiction and titled "SF Quintessential". In this slot, I'll be talking regularly with influential figures in the field--authors and editors--tying in with the publication of new collections and anthologies, and looking at the state of the magazines. First up is Jonathan Strahan, discussing his superb anthology Eclipse Two. Soon: Lou Anders, on the dynamic Fast Forward 2.

I intend that the series will help promote valuable short fiction publications and provide a forum for discussion of trends in the short form: creative movements and the rather troubled state of the market. There's a huge amount to talk about; I hope "SF Quintessential" can supplement and augment existing debate, at a vital time in the history of genre literature."
Rose began this new blog today, by writing:

"Welcome to Genreville!
July 28, 2008
Welcome to Genreville! I'm your host, Rose Fox, editor of PW's SF/fantasy/horror and mass market reviews, and I'll be writing about all aspects of speculative fiction publishing. Genreville will feature interviews, news, reviews, links, and discussion of the past and possible future of the speculative genres, plus anything else that looks interesting. New content will go up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

I'm the first interviewee and was asked about The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Genreville
Jeff VanderMeer blogged about
the newish or under-appreciated short fiction writers he's most excited about these days--23 women (unless I counted wrong). These are names that you might already be familiar with but if not should/will be soon.

So Matt Staggs, on his blog has decided to conduct
brief interviews with as many of the writers on the list as he can.
...wherein I extol the virtues of short horror fiction:
Interview of Ellen Datlow by Charles Tan

Sarah Monette talks about the stories in The Bone Key
Interview with Sarah Monette


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