The raffle was a great success, thanks to all of you and to all the donors. Here are the winners:
Award winners

Press Release
For Immediate Release

The KGB Fantastic Fiction Raffle went swimmingly, generating enough money to keep the series viable for two years.

New York, NY (July 29, 2008) – The KGB Fantastic Fiction Raffle was a huge success. Sixty nine highly-coveted prizes were awarded to individuals from all over the world, including winners in Germany and Australia. The raffle has generated enough money to keep the series viable for two years. In addition, the hosts will now be able to pay the readers a small stipend for their participation.

The hosts, Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel, wish to thank the donors and the ticket buyers. We are immensely grateful for your support. Your donations will help keep the reading series alive for a long time to come.

The full list of winners is online here:


Ellen Datlow, KGB co-host,,
Matthew Kressel, KGB co-host,,
Mary Robinette Kowal, raffle consultant,
I promise not to shill it again.

And tomorrow....I'll post about a trip to the underground train tunnel in Brooklyn--with photos on flickr....
Kathryn Ptacek is donating two subscriptions to The Gila Queen (this item will be raffled off twice). The Gila Queen is a market newsletter for writers and artists, and each issue contains publishing news, anthologies, regular markets, a theme market section, sf/f/h, contests, articles, and a whole lot more.

The Gila Queen, edited by writer/editor Kathryn Ptacek, just celebrated its 150th issue and has been published–first in print and now as an E-mail newsletter–for twenty years.

Normally, subscriptions are 20 issues and cost $20

and Diana Gill of HarperCollins is donating a signed, limited edition galley of Kim Harrison’s THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS (#99 of 400).

One very last item added:
Stephen Segal of WEIRD TALES is donating a Lovecraft Memory Box:

You’ve heard of a memory box. WEIRD TALES now gives you: the “Memory Box.” H.P. Lovecraft’s 1919 flash-fiction “Memory,” specially typeset on 13 miniature pages and placed within a hand-carved Polish art box beneath a matching black-and-orange South African tiger iron sphere. A unique edition of 1.
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( Jul. 21st, 2008 04:20 pm)
Here are more items donated by Diana Gill of HarperCollins:

a signed first edition hardcover of Neil Gaiman’s ANANSI BOYS.

a galley of Neal Stephenson’s upcoming novel, ANATHEM.

And some more info regarding Neil Gaiman's keyboard courtesy of Paul Berger and Matt Kressel:

"Paul Berger, who is currently attending Clarion San Diego emailed me and said: 'I asked Neil about the keyboard he’s donating. He says it’s a pre-Windows IBM from either ‘93 or ‘96. I asked what he had used it for and he thought about it for a bit and said, ‘Sandman, probably.’'"

(too many quotes within quotes here says I but you get the idea)

and two from Nanci Kalanta:
Editor Nanci Kalanta of Horror World is donating Lucy A. Snyder’s debut collection, SPARKS AND SHADOWS, with seventeen short stories, seven poems and four humor essays. It is signed by Lucy and Nalo Hopkinson (who wrote the Intro).

Editor Nanci Kalanta of Horror World is donating a signed trade paperback of Steven Savile’s LAUGHING BOY’S SHADOW. Signed by by Steven Savile, Gary Braunbeck (Intro) and Robert Sammelin (artist).

Ellen Datlow, KGB co-host, Datlow AT datlow DOT com,
Matthew Kressel, KGB co-host, matt AT sensesfive DOT com,
Mary Robinette Kowal, raffle consultant, mary AT maryrobinettekowal DOT com

The Hosts of KGB Fantastic Fiction will raffle off donations from well-known authors, editors, artists, and agents to help support the reading series. Event takes place from July 14th, 2008 through July 28th, 2008. Raffle tickets will be $1 each and can be purchased from

New York, NY (July 2008) – The hosts of the KGB Fantastic Fiction reading series in New York City are holding a raffle to help support the series. Well-known artists and professionals have donated prizes (see Partial List of Prizes below) which will be raffled off in July. All proceeds from the raffle will go to support the reading series, which has been a bright star in the speculative fiction scene for more than a decade.

Raffle tickets will cost one dollar US ($1) and can be purchased at You may purchase as many tickets as you want. Tickets will be available from July 14th, 2008 through July 28th, 2008. At midnight on July 28th, raffle winners will be selected randomly for each item and announced on the web. Prizes will be mailed to the lucky winners. (See a more detailed explanation in Raffle Rules).

Partial List of Prizes (a full list is available at the website)
• Story in a bottle by Michael Swanwick
• Tuckerization (your name in a story) by Lucius Shepard
• Tuckerization by Elizabeth Hand
• Tuckerization by Jeffrey Ford
• Pen & Ink drawing of an animal-your choice- by Gahan Wilson
• Original art for a George R. R. Martin novel by Tom Canty
• John Picacio signed print of art for Michael Moorcock novel
• Naomi Novik signed TEMERAIRE first edition
• Your very own wormhole from physicist Michio Kaku
• Peter Straub-- a short excerpt, in various drafts, of a short story, titled "Mallon the Guru," deleted from his novel in progress
• Holly Black signed advance copy of GOOD NEIGHBORS
• Original art by Terri Windling
• Carol Emshwiller signed manuscript of THE ABOMINABLE CHILD’S TALE
• Complete set of back issues and lifetime subscription to PARADOX MAGAZINE
• Critique of a short story by Ellen Datlow
• Critique of a short story by Gardner Dozois
• Critique of a short story by Nancy Kress
• Two year subscription to SYBIL’S GARAGE MAGAZINE
• Ray Bradbury limited edition worth $900
• And dozens more prizes on the website…

About KGB Fantastic Fiction
KGB Fantastic Fiction is a monthly reading series held on the third Wednesday of every month at the famous KGB Bar in Manhattan, hosted by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel. The reading series features luminaries and up-and-comers in speculative fiction. Admission is always free.

Some of our past readers
Joyce Carol Oates, Lucius Shepard, Jeffrey Ford, Scott Westerfeld, Kelly Link, China Miéville, Nancy Kress, Jack Ketchum, Jack McDevitt, Stewart O’Nan, James Patrick Kelly, Barry N. Malzberg, Samuel (Chip) Delany, Holly Black, Michael Swanwick, Kit Reed, Peter Straub, Andy Duncan, Richard Bowes, Catherynne Valente, Ellen Kushner, Jeff VanderMeer, Naomi Novik, Elizabeth Bear, and others.

A Brief History of the Series
Terry Bisson and Alice K. Turner started the KGB Fantastic Fiction reading series in the late 1990s, attempting to bring together mainstream writers with writers of speculative fiction in order to show, in Alice Turner’s words, “that at a certain level they were plowing exactly the same field.” In the spring of 2000 Ellen Datlow took over for Alice K. Turner and in August 2002 Gavin J. Grant, publisher of Small Beer Press, stepped in for Bisson when he moved to California. Matthew Kressel stepped in for Gavin in April of 2008.

Raffle Rules
Tickets will go on sale from July 14th through July 28th, midnight, Eastern Daylight Time. The raffle will be held on July 28th at midnight. Each item will be raffled off individually. You may purchase as many tickets per item as you would like. For example, you may purchase ten tickets for the “Michael Swanwick message in a bottle” and fifty tickets for the “Peter Straub manuscript.”

Each ticket purchase increases your chances of winning. For example, if you purchase five tickets of the “Jeffrey Ford Tuckerization” and a total of ten tickets have been sold, your odds of winning are 5 out of 10.

For each item, one winner will be chosen at random using a computerized random number generator. The winning names and prizes will be announced on the KGB Fantastic Fiction website. The donating party is responsible for mailing the prize to the lucky winner.

All proceeds from the raffle go to support the reading series.

KGB Fantastic Fiction website:
Raffle Information website:
List of All Raffle Items online:

Ellen Datlow, KGB co-host, Datlow AT datlow DOT com,
Matthew Kressel, KGB co-host, matt AT sensesfive DOT com,
Mary Robinette Kowal, raffle consultant, mary AT maryrobinettekowal DOT com


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