I found myself just wanting to enjoy myself throughout a lot of the convention and shooting photos only intermittently.
I had a fabulous time at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, where I unexpectedly ate some pretty fine food (who knew?) for four nights--even at the hotel restaurant, although others --not at my table--had complaints earlier in the weekend. The banquet chicken was inedible. There is an ice cream chain called Jeni's ice creams that everyone was raving about and I was relieved that I was able to get there once where Rob Killheffer and I tasted no less than 8 flavors and I settled on Reisling pear sorbet and black coffee. Looks like you can get it in NYC and other places. Yayyy.

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I just found out that the reading will be in suite 523/524 (aka, the Tor Suite)
The reading is Saturday 4-5pm and
Catherynne Valente, Laird Barron, Jeff Ford, Rick Bowes, M. K. Hobson, and Gary Braunbeck will be there to read, with Nick Mamatas and I hosting.
Come one, come all.
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( Oct. 28th, 2009 12:04 pm)
Email's down again today although hopefully it'll go back up to give me time enough to download and read all messages before leaving. Back the 4th. Online maybe. (I will have laptop and free wireless at hotel).
I've finally posted all my photos from my trip:


Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft to Golden

Golden to Banff

Banff to Calgary

World Fantasy Convention

Road Trip Back from Calgary to Ashcroft


Flying Home
I had a wonderful quick overnight in Seattle and then Eileen Gunn took me to the airport to catch my 4pm plane home. All was well until we started circling around NJ. (the flight was due in 12 midnight). Lots of cloud cover, a bit of turbulence. We'd been told that we would be on the ground
by 12:30 but 12:30 rolled by and I still couldn't see any lights or any progress --only heavy clouds. I admit that I was starting to freak out because there were no further announcements and most of the other passengers were sleeping. However, we finally did land about 1am without incident.

I've learned my lesson--don't fly to Newark airport late at night. The Airtrain was not working up to speed and after missing the 1:32 train to Penn Station, I and one other passenger from my plane caught the last train of the night at 2:03. got in my door 3am. Got to bed 3:45. Cats very happy to see me and we all slept late.

Very happy to be home. (although I leave for a few days in Florida Wednesday--to visit my folks).


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