Photos of me and Bruce McAllister, Jim and Viki Blaylock, and Tim and Serena Powers at dinner and roaming around. Dark Delicacies signing with Nancy Holder. A trip to a very small zoo, and to a park.
Carolyn Turgeon and Genevieve Valentine read at KGB Bar’s Fantastic Fiction reading Wednesday March 16th to an appreciative crowd. Here are the photos:
Here are the photos from my trip down to Florida where I overlapped with my sister and brother in law for a few days.
On the way home from the airport we stopped at the VA cemetery to see my dad's grave.
And hereeeeees Sophie: exhausted after helping me edit (she was several months younger than now when I took the shot).
WHC and the Stoker Awards in Brighton, UK:

Wales with Pat Cadigan and Caroline Oakley (including a trip to the town where The Prisoner tv series was made)

Odysseycon aka Eastercon 2010 at Edwardian Radisson at Heathrow Airpot
The audience with huge and enthusiastic and the readers wonderful. Here are the photos from the Michael Shea and N.K. Jemisin Fantastic Fiction reading
And here they are:

If anyone can add or correct names, please let me know.
I've finally posted all my photos from my trip:


Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft to Golden

Golden to Banff

Banff to Calgary

World Fantasy Convention

Road Trip Back from Calgary to Ashcroft


Flying Home
A bunch of friends and I went to the Botanical gardens on a beautiful autumnal Sunday.
There was a surprise at the Eastern Parkway station: a long term exhibit of architectural ornaments--as you'll see from the photos, they're gorgeous.

Then to the gardens--the rose garden is still in bloom, although most of the roses are past their peak. The Japanese garden is the highlight. Even though no one was feeding them, the carp were eagerly thrashing about in the hopes of something falling to them.

It was chilly in the shade, warm in the sun. Kind of a typical fall day. We spent a few hours there and it was a lovely outing.
These are from Monday the 8th. Unfortunately, the light was mostly gone by the time the cruise actually began, but I'm very happy with my photos of the ship lines (whatever they're called):
New York Waterfalls and the waterfront

And tonight I watched more Deadwood (three hours worth, yum!) and Hard Candy which is a terrific little psychological thriller with Ellen Page, pre-June (which I haven't yet seen). There a really nice "little red riding hood" reference in Hard Candy --good show!


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