Charles Tan was kind of enough to gather all the links to various online venues where e-versions of my anthologies are available. Eventually, I hope my webmistress can put up a page on my website. But in the meantime, here they are. Buy baby Buy :-) or at least "browse baby browse":  As threatened here they are on my website:
If you buy from there I get a teeny tiny cut

Here's the one for Amazon's Kindle, although there's an errant Chris Bell book:

Here's Weightless Books:

Baen eBooks:

Harder to aggregate for iTunes: ellen datlow: Kindle Store ellen datlow: Kindle Store
Terri's in town and we've been brainstorming about new projects and trying to figure out how to get our out of print titles back into print and into e-book form. With such a large backlist it's tedious and complicated to figure out the details: which anthology rights have reverted, which e-book but not print antho rights have reverted. Even which books are in or out of print.

I've discovered that getting older anthologies reissued is crucial to the income stream. Having B&N's Fall River Press acquire reprint rights to Blood is Not Enough and A Whisper of Blood plus Snow White, Blood Red is a godsend. But they didn't acquire e-rights which means I/we can resell them.

However, we have to request permission from the contributors to these books (once books are OP the previous contract is null and void). Luckily through email, this process is not as awful as it would be pre-email.

Then there are titles that were supposed to be published as e-books as part of the print contract. If they are not, within a specific time, those e-rights revert, even if the print book is still in print. So those books are available to re-issue as e-books.

Now I/we have books that are OP and we'd like to resell --1) we need permission from the contributors and 2) most (obviously not all, as B&N didn't) publishers who want to acquire older books want both print and e-book rights. So we need to hang on to those e-rights as part of the package.
Get it? As I said, complicated.

Anyway, in the middle of checking the rights situation (with my input, my agent's assistant made up a graph of the e-rights situation to all my books-- separate from the print situation)...I happened to look up Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears and Black Swan, White Raven, two volumes of Terri and my adult fairy tale series that were originally published by Avonova and reprinted by Wildside. Wildside has e-rights and we were told they'd get both books out by the end of 2011.
I forgot about this until looking back at my records.

Which is the long way around announcing that lo and behold Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears is indeed available for kindle and nook:

Black Swan, White Raven is now available as well.  

for the  kindle

it not yet out. Both books are also for sale as trade paperbacks-alas RS,GT does not have the lovely cover shown.
I've been going through most of my anthology contracts in preparation for selling e-rights to those not yet available in electronic format. (I'll be contacting contributors for those books OP.

But while checking things out, I've discovered that some of my books(with or without Terri) are already available as e-books and I had no idea. For those interested:

Troll's Eye View
kindle and nook

The Coyote Road
kindle and nook

The Beastly Bride
kindle and nook

Poe for the Kindle and
at Waterstones

not Nook--the nook is currently being negotiated.

The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy for the kindle
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( Jan. 11th, 2011 11:26 pm)
What a fantastic shout out this is from SF Signal's review of Black Swan:

"This is not to say that Aronofsky is unfamiliar with genre territory. Pi, for all of its artistic flourishes, can easily be seen as a marriage of science fiction and horror. The Fountain, though not technically science fiction, used many of the genre's images and conventions to tell a story of obsession, love and loss; watching it is like watching an adaptation one of the best Harlan Ellison stories that Ellison never wrote. Similarly, Black Swan, with its emphasis on sexuality, dark surrealism and the world of art, seems transliterated from an unwritten story not yet collected in a killer horror anthology edited by Ellen Datlow. Make no mistake: for all of its indie drama cred, Black Swan is a horror movie, though its horrors are the Second Stream ones explicated by Kathryn Cramer in her introductory essay of David Hartwell's The Dark Descent. Psychological terror in the tradition of Roman Polanski's Repulsion or the works of Dennis Etchison rather than the overtly supernatural."

I don't know what the actual theme would be but I love the idea of an anthology inspired by the movie.

From: Review of Black Swan
June 30th is the last day for members of the most recent WFC and the current one to nominate. You can do so by email to Rodger Turner or by paper ballot, that must be postmarked by June 30th.

I edited or co-edited three original anthologies in 2009, all of which (with their contents, obviously) are eligible for the World Fantasy Award:

Poe: 18 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe (Solaris)
Lovecraft Unbound: Tales Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft (Dark Horse) -three reprints
Troll's Eye View and Other Villainous Tales edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (Viking)

and and a couple of reprint anthologies
The Best Horror of the Year, volume One (Night Shade)
Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 (Roc)

I'll post what I consider other worthy material in my next blog post.
Teeth: Vampire Tales, the teenage vampire anthology that Terri and I edited for HarperCollins has been handed in to our editor, Anne Hoppe.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow

Things to Know About Being Dead Genevieve Valentine

All Smiles by Steve Berman

Gap Year by Christopher Barzak

Bloody Sunrise by Neil Gaiman

Flying by Delia Sherman

Vampire Weather by Garth Nix

Late Bloomer by Suzy McKee Charnas

The List of Definite Endings by Kaaron Warren

Best Friends Forever by Cecil Castellucci

Sit the Dead by Jeffrey Ford

Sunbleached by Nathan Ballingrud

Baby by Kathe Koja

In the Future When All’s Well by Catherynne M. Valente

Transition by Melissa Marr

History by Ellen Kushner

The Perfect Dinner Party by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black

Slice of Life by Lucius Shepard

My Generation by Emma Bull

Why Light? by Tanith Lee

I'm guessing it'll be out in 2011.
Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror Edited by Ellen Datlow. Tachyon (IPG, dist.), $15.95 paper (480p) ISBN 978-1-892391-95-7
This diverse 25-story anthology is a superb sampling of some of the most significant short horror works published between 1985 and 2005. Editor extraordinaire Datlow (Poe) includes classic stories from horror icons Clive Barker, Peter Straub, and Stephen King as well as SF and fantasy luminaries Gene Wolfe, Dan Simmons, Neil Gaiman, and Lucius Shepard. The full diversity of horror is on display: George R.R. Martin's “The Pear-Shaped Man,” about a creepy downstairs neighbor, and Straub's “The Juniper Tree,” which chronicles a drifter's sexual molestation of a young boy, exemplify horror's sublime psychological power, while Barker's “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament” and Poppy Z. Brite's “Calcutta, Lord of Nerves” are audaciously gory masterworks. This is an anthology to be cherished and an invaluable reference for horror aficionados. (Apr.)
Black Quill Award Winners Announced

LONG ISLAND, NY, February 9, 2010 — A master of otherworldly suspense and a literary fiction darling have taken top honors in the 3rd Annual Black Quill Awards, as winners were announced today by DARK SCRIBE MAGAZINE, the virtual magazine “dedicated to the books that keep readers up at night.”

Chicago-based author Gillian Flynn snagged the coveted Editor’s Choice award for DARK GENRE NOVEL OF THE YEAR for her sophomore effort, DARK PLACES, while veteran dark scribe Dan Simmons took Readers’ Choice honors in the same category for DROOD, his historical reimagining of the last years of Charles Dickens’ life. Simmons was nominated in the same category in 2007 for THE TERROR.

The Black Quill Awards were handed out in (8) categories honoring works of dark genre literature – horror, suspense, and thrillers – from both mainstream and small press publishers. While six of the awards recognized literary efforts, two of the awards recognized important aspects of book publishing and promotion: cover design and artwork and book trailer production — a growing marketing aspect of dark genre publishing. Peter Mahaichuk and César Puch dominated the BEST COVER ART AND DESIGN category for their work on Michael Louis Calvillo’s AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT for Bad Moon Books, while Calvillo himself took Readers’ Choice for BEST SMALL PRESS CHILL. Filmmaker JT Petty won Editors’ Choice for BEST DARK GENRE BOOK TRAILER for his work on the book trailer for real-life wife Sarah Langan’s AUDREY’S DOOR, while up-and-coming trailer producer John Palisano took Readers’ Choice in that same category for Gary Braunbeck’s FAR DARK FIELDS.

First-time nominees fared well in this year’s Black Quills, with Paul G. Bens Jr. taking top honors in the BEST SMALL PRESS CHILL category (Editor’s Choice) and Stoker Award-winner Lisa Morton scoring an Editors’ Choice nod for her editing work on MIDNIGHT WALK in the BEST DARK GENRE ANTHOLOGY category. Jameson Currier snagged an Editors’ Choice award for BEST DARK GENRE FICTION COLLECTION for THE HAUNTED HEART AND OTHER TALES, while David Nickle picked up the Readers’ Choice award in that same category for MONSTROUS AFFECTIONS. Editor Michael Knost took Editors’ Choice honors in the BEST DARK GENRE BOOK OF NON-FICTION category for the how-to compilation WRITERS WORKSHOP OF HORROR, while frequent Stephen King chronicler Bev Vincent earned Readers’ Choice honors in the same category for his THE ILLUSTRATED STEPHEN KING COMPANION. Elsewhere, Sarah Totton and Harry Shannon earned Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice nods, respectively, in the BEST DARK SCRIBBLE category. Totton’s short story “Flatrock Sunners” appeared in the UK print magazine BLACK STATIC, while Shannon’s “The Night Nurse” ran on the webzine Horror Drive-In.

Prolific genre editor Ellen Datlow – a double nominee this year – added a Black Quill Award to her lengthy list of honors for her editing work on POE: 19 NEW TALES INSPIRED BY EDGAR ALLAN POE. This was Datlow’s third nomination, following last year’s nomination for INFERNO: NEW TALES OF TERROR AND THE SUPERNATURAL and a second nomination this year for her work on the LOVECRAFT UNBOUND collection.

Nominations for the Black Quills are editorial-based, with both the editors and active contributing writers submitting nominations in each of the (8) categories. Once nominations are announced, readers of DSM cast their votes for their picks in each category. For this year’s outing, more than 3,300 votes were cast by the magazine’s readers. In a unique spin intended to celebrate both critical and popular success, two winners are traditionally announced in each category – Reader’s Choice and Editor’s Choice. Winners receive recognition in DSM, inclusion in press release materials announcing nominations and winners, a virtual icon to be used on their own website, and a handsome award certificate.

A complete list of all the nominees and winners follows:

DARK GENRE NOVEL OF THE YEAR: (Novel-length work of horror, suspense, or thriller from mainstream publisher; awarded to the author)

• AUDREY'S DOOR by Sarah Langan (Harper)
• CASTAWAYS by Brian Keene (Leisure Books)
• DARK PLACES by Gillian Flynn (Shaye Areheart Books) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE
• DROOD by Dan Simmons (Little, Brown and Company) WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• THE LITTLE STRANGER by Sarah Waters (Riverhead Hardcover)
• THE UNSEEN by Alexandra Sokoloff (St. Martin's Press)

BEST SMALL PRESS CHILL: (Novel or novella published by small press publisher; awarded to the author)

• AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT by Michael Louis Calvillo (Bad Moon Books) WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• FROZEN BLOOD by Joel Sutherland (Lachesis Publishing)
• KELLAND by Paul G. Bens Jr. (Casperian Books) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE
• LAST DAYS by Brian Evenson (Underland Press)
• THE HARLEQUIN AND THE TRAIN by Paul G. Tremblay (Necropolitan Press)
• VALLEY OF THE DEAD by Kim Paffenroth (Cargo Cult Press)

BEST DARK GENRE FICTION COLLECTION: (Single author collection, any publisher; awarded to the author)

• MARTYRS & MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar (DarkHart Press)
• MONSTROUS AFFECTIONS by David Nickle (ChiZine Publications) WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• PUMPKIN TEETH by Tom Cardamone (Lethe Press)
• UGLY MAN by Dennis Cooper (Harper Perennial)

BEST DARK GENRE ANTHOLOGY: (Multi-author collection, any publisher; awarded to the editor)

• DARK DELICACIES III: HAUNTED edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb (Running Press)
• HE IS LEGEND: AN ANTHOLOGY CELEBRATING RICHARD MATHESON edited by Christopher Conlon (Gauntlet Press)
• LOVECRAFT UNBOUND edited by Ellen Datlow (Dark Horse Comics)
• MIDNIGHT WALK edited by Lisa Morton (Darkhouse Publishing) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE
• SHIVERS V edited by Richard Chizmar (Cemetery Dance Publications)

BEST DARK GENRE BOOK OF NON-FICTION: (Any dark genre non-fiction subject, any publisher; awarded to the author[s] or editor[s])

• MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES edited by Loren Rhodes (Scribner)
• STEPHEN KING: THE NON-FICTION by Rocky Wood and Justin Brooks (Cemetery Dance Publications)
• WRITER'S WORKSHOP OF HORROR edited by Michael Knost (Woodland Press) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE

BEST DARK SCRIBBLE: (Single work, non-anthology short fiction appearing in a print or virtual magazine; awarded to the author)

• “Flatrock Sunners” by Sarah Totton (Black Static #12 / Print) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE
• “Following Marla” by John R. Little (Horror World, February 2009 / Virtual)
• “Night Nurse” by Harry Shannon (Horror Drive-In, July 2009 / Virtual) WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• “The Loyalty of Birds” by Rachel Sobel (Clarkesworld #30 / Virtual)
• “The Man in the Mirror” by Jameson Currier (Icarus #1 / Print)
• “The Mind of a Pig” by Ekaterina Sedia (Apex Magazine, March 2009 / Virtual)

BEST COVER ART & DESIGN: (From any dark genre work of fiction, novel, novella, or anthology; awarded to artist and/or cover designer)

• AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT / Artwork: Peter Mahaichuk; Cover Design: César Puch [by Michael Louis Calvillo from Bad Moon Books] WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE / WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• THE ESTUARY / Artwork: Johann Bodin; Cover Design: Jacob Kier [by Derek Gunn from Permuted Press]
• THE HAUNTED HEART AND OTHER TALES / Artwork by: Richard Taddei; Cover Design: John Molloy [by Jameson Currier from Lethe Press]
• THE PILO FAMILY CIRCUS / Cover Design by: Heidi Whitcomb [by Will Elliot from Underland Press]

BEST DARK GENRE BOOK TRAILER: (Book video promoting any work of fiction or non-fiction; awarded to the video producer or publisher)
• AUDREY'S DOOR / Production by JT Petty (Author: Sarah Langan) WINNER – EDITORS’ CHOICE
• FAR DARK FIELDS / Production by John Palisano (Author: Gary Braunbeck) WINNER – READERS’ CHOICE
• ISIS / Production by Circle of Seven (Author: Douglas Clegg)
• THE LIFELESS / Production by Coscom Entertainment (Author: Lorne Dixon)
• SENSE AND SENSIBILITY AND SEA MONSTERS / Production by Seth Dalton and Ransom Riggs (Author: Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters)
Rich Horton, who regularly reviews short fiction for Locus, does a wrap up at the beginning of the next year, covering the last year in short fiction. A couple of days ago he posted his wrap up of my anthologies on his blog The Elephant Forgets
I saw Farenheit 451 for the first time ever on a large screen at a friend's home last Friday--it was terrific. Much better than I expected, and that 60s decor. Not my taste but still, yum.

Watched more Angel and also Penelope, a lovely sharp-edged fairy tale with Christine Ricci as a girl born with pig's nose and ears because of a curse, her monstrous mother (Catherine O'Hara), her sweet, not much there father (Richard Grant), and a young ne'er-do-well (James McAvoy). I really enjoyed it.

Saw Sherlock Holmes Sunday and loved it--gorgeous production values and award-deserving cinematography. No resemblance whatsoever to the classic, which was fine by me. Actors were fine and I really liked Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler. I've heard all the naysayers and I just don't care. I found the movie very enjoyable (although Rick B, with whom I saw it, was bored).

My dad's going to a convalescent home after all. We just don't know when, as the place in Boca where we want him to go doesn't have a bed right now. My sister is down in Florida helping my mom and taking the brunt of the pressure right now. She says he's able to communicate about four word sentences coherently right now. She's not happy with his speech therapist as instead of working exclusively on words she's trying to get him to other stuff which neither of us feel are what he needs.

My mom had a full physical (finally) and is being sent to a gastro-entologist as a cat scan showed a possible cyst on the pancreas. My sister's freaked. I'm just waiting to see what's what.

Still working on Best Horror #2. Getting more nice citations on Best Horror #1  (most recent, best of the year from, Lovecraft Unbound, and Poe.

And yes, still reading and choosing stories for Best Horror #1 2  --now up to seven stories and a bit over 52,000 words.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST. DONATE SOMETHING, ANYTHING TO HAITIAN RELIEF. There are lots of sites at which you can donate, but here's where I gave (an admittedly measly amount) Doctors Without Borders .

Also, here's Charity Navigator--which gives ratings to various aid agencies:
Charity Navigator
A new Mindmeld is up and here a bunch of anthologist were asked exactly how they put together anthologies. Some of our responses were so long (guilty, as charged) that a second half is being posted next week. But here you can see Behind the Scenes...How the Hottest Short Fiction Anthologies Are Created (Part 1)
Here's the most recent list of anthologies that I've got on-hand so far this year. As usual there's a mix of horror, fantasy, dark fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and here and there a mixed-genre anthology.
For those writers who are in anthologies that have already been published and are not on this list, it's likely that your publisher has not sent me the book. (or a very small possibility is that I haven't logged it in yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm up to date). If this is the case, I would rather have the entire antho than just your story so please request that your publisher mail me a copy at:
Ellen Datlow
Best Horror volume 2
PMB 391
511 Avenue of the Americas
NY NY 10011-8436

He is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson Gauntlet
Rome Noir ed. Chiara Stangolino & Maxim Jacobowski Akashic
San Francisco Noir: the Classics ed Peter Maravelis Akashic
British Invasion ed. Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, and James A. Moore CD
Ages of Wonder ed. Julie Czerneda and Rob St. Martin DAW
Mean Streets four novellas Roc
Shivers V ed Richard Chizmar CD
Other Earths ed Nick Gevers and Jay Lake DAW
Firebirds Soaring ed Sharyn November Firebird
On a Raven’s Wing: New tales in Honor of E A Poe ed. Stuart M. Kaminsky (Harper)
Ravens in the Library ed by Phil Brucato & Sandra Buskirk Quiet Thunder
Terribly twisted Tales ed Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg DAW
Sideshow ed Deborah Noyes (Candlewick) galleys
Swordsplay ed. Denise Little DAW
Michael Hanson’s Sha’daa Tales of the Apocalypse ed. Edward F. McKeown (Altered Dimensions) shared world antho
Infernally Yours ed by GAK Necro
Masques ed. Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins CSFG
American Fantastic Tales Poe to Pulps ed. Straub LOA
American Fantastic Tales 1940s to now ed. Straub LOA
This is the Summer of Love PS #18 ed. Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers (PS)
Geektastic ed Holly Black and Cecil Casteluuci Little, Brown
Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can’t Put Down ed. Clive Cussler (Mira)
Vile Things: Extreme Deviations of Horror ed. Cheryl Mullenax Comet Press
Gamer Fantastic ed Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes DAW
New Dark Voices 2 edited by Brian Keene Delirium Books
Uncage Me ed. Jennifer Jordan Bleak House
Cinema Spec ed Karen Romanko Raven Electrick Ink
Mighty Unclean by Cory Goodfellow, Gemma Files, Mort Castle, Gary A. Braunbeck Darkarts
Nights of Blood 2 ed. Elyse Salpeter and Bob Nailor 23 House
Fourth Black Book of Horror ed Charles Black Mortbury press
Midnight Walk ed. Lisa Morton DarkHouse publishing
Cern Zero Nemonymous 9
Monstrous ed. Ryan C. Thomas Permuted Press 2009 altho copyright says 2008
Robots Beyond ed. Lane Adamson Permuted Press 2009 altho copyright says 2008
Clockwork Phoenix 2 ed Mike Allen Norilana Books
Phantom ed Paul Tremblay and Sean Wallace Prime
Malpractice ed. Nathaniel Lambert Stygian Publications
The Big Book of Necon ed. Bob Booth CD
The Best American Mystery Stories ed Jeffrey Deaver Mariner
Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales ed. Henrik Sandbeck Harsen H. Harsken Productions
Seattle Noir ed. Curt Colbert Akashic
Portland Noir ed. Kevin Sampsell Akashic
Twilight Zone ed. Carol Serling TOR
Strange Brew ed P.N. Elrod St Martin’s
Champagne Shivers ed. Cathy Burburuz
Tesseracts Thirteen ed. Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell Edge
Hellbound Hearts ed. Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan Pocket
Buried Tales of Pinebox,Texas ed Matt M McElroy 12 to Midnight
Crossing the Boundaries from Bragelonne
Strange Mysteries ed Jean M. Goldstrom Whortleberry Press
It Was a Dark and Stormy Halloween ed. Jean M. Goldstrom Whortleberry Press
The Bleeding Edge ed. William F. Nolan and Jason V. Brock Cycatrix Press/Dark Discoveries Pub.
Songs of the Dying Earth ed George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois Subterranean
Philippine Speculative Fiction IV edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar no publisher Kestrel ?
A Time of Dragons ed. Vincent Michael Simbulan Anvil
Delhi Noir ed. Hirsh Sawhney Akashic
Phoenix Noir ed. Patrick Millikin Akashic
Boston Noir ed. Dennis Lehane Akashic
The Eternal Kiss ed Trisha Telep Running Press teens
Under the Rose ed. Dave Hutchinson Norilana Books
My reprint anthology is going well, but I'd like some more suggestions of GREAT cat stories--from after 1980. So forget the obvious ones like "Spacetime for Springers."

I am looking for stories in which cats--domestic or wild, large and small felines are important to the story. I've looked in the obvious places-the various cat anthologies-and am more interested in finding terrific under-reprinted stories from out of the way places: mainstream, mystery, horror, fantasy, and sf. No cat detectives (I've got em), no cutesy cat stories. PLEASE ONLY RECOMMEND STORIES YOU LOVE AND THINK ARE TERRIFIC. (not your own)

If you want to see what's been recommended already I believe you can see them here:

cat stories already recommended

Here's the list of what I've already bought or hoping to buy:
The Price by Neil Gaiman
Guardians by George R. R. Martin
Dark Eyes, Faith, and Devotion by Charles de Lint
No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be… by A. R. Morlan
Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats by Michael Bishop
Not Waving by Michael Marshall Smith
Bean Bag Cats® by Edward Bryant
Mieze Corrects an Incomplete Representation of Reality by Michaela Roessner
The White Cat by Joyce Carol Oates
Returns by Jack Ketchum
Healing Benjamin by Dennis Danvers
Cat in Glass by Nancy Etchemendy
Catskin by Kelly Link
Coyote Peyote by Carole Nelson Douglas
Pride by Mary A. Turzillo
Arthur’s Lion by Tanith Lee

And stories on my short list (I'm awaiting permissions)
are by Nancy Springer and Lilian Jackson Braun

I haven't finished going through all the cat anthos or all the stories people have sent me. You can make the suggestions in the comments here.

Please do not recommend your own stories.

Thanks for everyone who has already recommended stories they love
This is an anthology of original stories inspired by regional ghost stories and urban legends. It'll be coming out from Tor (hopefully in 2010). We're just about to hand it in to our editor.

Knickerbocker Holiday Richard Bowes

That Girl Kaaron Warren

Akbar Kit Reed

The Spring Heel Steven Pirie

As Red as Red Caitlín R. Kiernan

Tin Cans Ekaterina Sedia

Shoebox Train Wreck John Mantooth

15 Panels Depicting the Sadness of the Baku & the Jotai Catherynne M. Valente
La Llorona Carolyn Turgeon

Face Like a Monkey Carrie Laben

Down Atsion Road Jeffrey Ford

Return to Mariabronn Gary A. Braunbeck

Following Double-Face Woman Erzebet YellowBoy

Oaks Park M.K. Hobson

For Those in Peril on the Sea Stephen Dedman
The Foxes Lily Hoang

The Redfield Girls Laird Barron

Between Heaven and Hull Pat Cadigan

Chucky Comes to Liverpool Ramsey Campbell

The Folding Man Joe R. Lansdale
Here is the TOC and the tentative jacket --please note that the names on the front of the jacket are not final. There will be more/others. Not sure about the back cover, but we may put all the names there. I'm also assuming the snake will show up more than it does here. The book will be out from Tachyon February 2010.

Darkness: 25 Years of Modern Horror

Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament Clive Barker 1984

Dancing Chickens Edward Bryant 1984

The Greater Festival of Masks Thomas Ligotti 1985

The Pear-Shaped Man George R.R. Martin 1987

The Juniper Tree Peter Straub 1988

Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds Dan Simmons 1988

The Power and the Passion Pat Cadigan 1989

The Phone Woman Joe R. Lansdale 1990

Teratisms Kathe Koja 1991

Chattery Teeth Stephen King 1992

A Little Night Music Lucius Shepard 1992

Calcutta, Lord of Nerves Poppy Z. Brite 1992

The Erl King Elizabeth Hand 1993

The Dog Park Dennis Etchison 1993

Rain Falls Michael Marshall Smith 1994

Refrigerator Heaven David J. Schow 1995

---- Joyce Carol Oates 1995

Eaten (Scenes from a Moving Picture) Neil Gaiman 1996

The Specialist’s Hat Kelly Link 1998

The Tree is My Hat Gene Wolfe 1999

Heat Steve Rasnic Tem 1999

No Strings Ramsey Campbell 2000

Stitch Terry Dowling 2002

Dancing Men Glen Hirshberg 2003

My Father’s Mask Joe Hill 2005

ellen_datlow: (Default)
( Mar. 27th, 2009 04:04 pm)
For anyone interested, I'm finishing up two all-reprint anthologies right now: Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror for Tachyon and Best Horror of the Year#1 for Night Shade. When I can post TOC I will--I'm guessing there will be much discussion of my choices for Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror and about who/what I've left out. (The book came in at 152,000 words. I would love to have had 250,000 words.)

Then Nick Mamatas and I will finish Haunted Legends for which everything (but one story we're expecting --and can fit--) are in.

And on to two other reprint projects and starting work on at least one new original anthology about which I cannot speak.
After opening my mail, I've discovered that I have received my author copies of the new trade paperback of Twists of the Tale, my cat horror antho and also The Coyote Road.
I will be giving away some of these titles for blogging (and I'd love for whoever blogs about them to also post your review on amazon--don't know if it helps, but it can't hurt). Afraid it can only be within the US because of postage costs--unless you're willing to pay postage.

I'll do one at a time and warn you all in advance. I'll make the first announcement Wednesday.
This is the TOC in the correct order. However, one more story will be in there before the book goes into production and I'm not sure where it will appear in the anthology. This is being published by St. Martin's Press in spring 2010.

Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy

Curses Jim Butcher
How the Pooka Came To New York City Delia Sherman
On the Slide Richard Bowes
The Duke of Riverside Ellen Kushner
Oblivion by Calvin Klein Christopher Fowler
Picking up the Pieces Pat Cadigan
Underbridge Peter S. Beagle
Priced To Sell Naomi Novik
The Bricks of Gelecek Matthew Kressel
Weston Walks Kit Reed
The Projected Girl Lavie Tidhar
The Way Station Nathan Ballingrud
And Go Like This John Crowley
Noble Rot Holly Black
Daddy Long Legs of the Evening Jeffrey Ford
The Skinny Girl Lucius Shepard
The Colliers’ Venus Caitlín R. Kiernan
King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree Elizabeth Bear

I'm "handing" (emailing the file) the book to my editor either today or tomorrow (I'm awaiting a last go over/response to edits from one writer. This one's been a bear and I'm relieved that it's done.
ellen_datlow: (Default)
( Feb. 16th, 2009 09:38 pm)
I just found out that my new anthology will be published by M Press in October 2009! I haven't yet decided on the order of the stories but here's the table of contents. The first four stories are reprints:

Houses Under the Sea Caitlin R. Kiernan

The Din of Celestial Birds Brian Evenson

In the Black Mill Michael Chabon

Commencement Joyce Carol Oates

One Day, Soon Lavie Tidhar

Catch Hell Laird Barron

Machines of Concrete Light and Dark Michael Cisco

Leng Marc Laidlaw

Sight Unseen Joel Lane

Vernon, Driving Simon Kurt Unsworth

Marya Nox Gemma Files

That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable Nick Mamatas

Sincerely, Petrified Anna Tambour

The Tenderness of Jackals Amanda Downum

The Office of Doom Richard Bowes

Mongoose Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear

Cold Water Survival Holly Phillips

The Recruiter Michael Shea

The Crevasse Dale Bailey and Nathan Ballingrud

Come Lurk with Me and Be My Love William Browning Spencer
and ends with this:
"Sure to be one of the best anthologies of 2009."

I like that. Here's the rest of it


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