June 2010
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05:01 pm

Interview with Tanith Lee

12:34 pm

The Beastly Bride reading and signing June 7th at McNally Jackson

11:16 am

The Periodic Table of Women in SF


05:35 pm

Pretty Scary interviews me


11:27 pm

This sweetie needs a tummy rub

03:02 pm

HP inkjet 6210 all -in -one for free


04:46 pm

Putting a face to the BP disaster

01:24 am

Galleys of Haunted Legends arrived

12:51 am

Movies, Books, electronics

05:01 pm

A barbie kind of day


06:11 pm

Photos of kitties and from the McNally Jackson reading night

11:00 pm

The bring peter watts to aussiecon campaign

11:53 am

Jack Ketchum and Scott Edelman at KGB Bar tomorrow night


09:49 am

A rave for Best Horror of the Year, volume 2

12:50 pm

Photos from KGB June 16 2010 & July KGB announcement

01:30 pm

A snotty (surprise!) piece about an Evening about Stories

11:32 pm

Zoo Story

12:07 am



11:28 am

Great weekend

05:26 pm

Simpson thinks some Americans are "lesser people"-Social Security in the bulls-eye

09:57 pm

Another horror story--thanks BP for killing our planet

11:54 am

Help Pat Murphy clean up her office

06:20 pm

Ditmar Award nominations are open

08:31 pm

Ride for two needed from Readercon to NYC & male roommate

12:55 am

Books & movies


10:51 pm


11:12 am

New review of Digital Domains from Library Journal

11:26 am

2010 World Fantasy Award eligible material

11:40 am

Worthy material to consider for the 2010 World Fantasy Award

11:45 am

Some favorite novels from 2009

11:49 am

2009 notable anthologies

11:57 am

Notable Collections of 2009

01:41 am

Winter's Bone

11:41 am

Two rave reviews from the Sacramento Book Review



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