These past few days, since I returned from LA, have been busy as I've run around to do errands, socialize, gone to docs (re-do regular blood tests that were inconclusive and have the MRI on my left foot), read manuscripts and edit, all before leaving for Ad Astra tomorrow morning.
I saw a new play last night that I wasn't fond of: High, with Kathleen Turner and two other cast members (all were ok, not great) about a Catholic rehab center that against the rules takes in a 19 year old male junkie who was found in a hotel room with a dead, male 14 year old. Very much about religion (and not vis a vis addiction) which is so not my cup of tea. Perhaps Christians would appreciate it better, but to me the whole exercise, although it had wonderful moments, was a failure. Not boring though.

Here's the great part of my post though, abandoned bear cubs cuddle with baby tiger

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Maybe this time LJ will be working!@
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( Mar. 25th, 2011 11:05 am)
This is the cutest Baby Cheetah.

Happy Friday.

thanks to Steve Berman
Running off to biz drinks and then dinner but wanted to post this before leaving --because it's sooo cute: Baby elephants play in kiddie pool

thanks to jezebel
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( Nov. 19th, 2010 11:19 pm)
And is this series of photos don't ring your chimes, you're heartless : BABIES!!!!

also via jezebel

Ok ok. Back to work NOW!
ooh ooh ooh--Scroll down to the second photo and you'll go gaga when you see The Belly of the Beast

From Jezebel
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( May. 17th, 2010 10:00 pm)
Some animal babies almost too weird and cute to believe they're real. But they are according to this headline and photos : Hedgehog gives birth to babies in restaurant

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( May. 5th, 2010 07:41 pm)
Sophie could take these babies on--except for their nails. Check out the video below-there's one very good shot of one cub's claws-Yikes! Clouded Leopard cubs

I'm speechless at the cuteness exhibited by the new clouded leopard cubs

Thanks to The_Bastion
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( Sep. 5th, 2009 05:56 pm)
A four week old baby panda gets its first check-up at the San Diego Zoo where it was born baby's first check-up

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Hmmm. I wonder if Bella would let me pick her up this way Chinese panther and her cubs --look at the tootsies!
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( Sep. 25th, 2008 07:20 pm)
And now a break from the grimness of American politics and our Grand Theft Wall Street game:
interspecies cuteness

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