Ellen Datlow Teams with ChiZine Publications for Kickstarter-funded Anthology

TORONTO, Ontario (December 10, 2012) — Ellen Datlow has announced the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new horror anthology. Titled Fearful Symmetries, it will be published by ChiZine Publications in early 2014.

Given the rapidly changing publishing market, Datlow decided to turn to Kickstarter as an experiment to see if it could fund the project. The campaign will go toward the editing, layout, and production of the book, as well as offering professional rates to the authors. Datlow selected ChiZine Publications based on the quality of their books and distribution.

“This project is close to my heart,” says Datlow, “which is why I’ve decided to appeal to the public through Kickstarter. And while I have a stable of writers whose work I love, I want to give a chance to new talent that I may not be aware of. I want them to write the stories they’ve always wanted to and perhaps couldn’t because there was no venue for them.”

Unlike a lot of her anthologies, Fearful Symmetries will not have a theme. Datlow intends to solicit work from well-known horror writers, as well as those selected during an open reading period, something Datlow does not do often. If the campaign is a success, Fearful Symmetries will be released as a trade paperback and eBook, and is expected to be 125,000 words long.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found at www.fearfulsymmetries.com

Running off to biz drinks and then dinner but wanted to post this before leaving --because it's sooo cute: Baby elephants play in kiddie pool

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the coming kitty apocalypse
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I especially like the West Side Story homage.
Here's a fascinating short film (actually an ad for Dior--but that hardly matters) starring Marion Cotillard, Ian McKellan, and Russell Tovey (gotta look him up -I've no idea who he is) Lady Grey London .
I admit that I found it very difficult to recognize Cotillard--in one shot she looks like a young Melanie Griffith.

via Neil Gaiman's blog
This is pretty hilarious (sexual language and sexy girls in it)
F Me Ray Bradbury

via Patricia Rodgers
I'm not at all familiar with M.I.A., but found this video for her song "Born Free" fascinating, as have (apparently) lots of other folk. Here, you can see Born Free and read jezebel's commentary on it.

Graphic Violence and some nudity
A little something to cheer people up (well it cheered me up at least) someone gets tickled thanks to jezebel
Here's a wonderful video of wonderful sf writer and critic talking about his favorite Astoundings

thanks to Eric Solstein
Listen. Watch. Stand by Me
Produced by Playing For Change

Thanks to Jeff Ford


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