Sorry that I've been away from dreamwidth and live journal for so long but The Best Horror of the Year volume four just completely ate up my time. But I handed it in to Night Shade this past Sunday 5:30 a.m and a great weight has been lifted off my mind. Of course, I'll need to start reading for #5 shortly but I can relax a bit. I've got an original anthology that Terri and I are finishing over the next few weeks but I feel less pressure.
I'll be traveling to London end of the month for two weeks for my annual visit and will stay in Camden Town with the Clutes hang around with Pat Cadigan. I will also meet with various other friends and colleagues.

An e-book deal is brewing regarding an anthology long out of print that was never released in the USA. I'm excited and will give details as soon as I know when it will be out.
I'm hoping to sell more anthologies over the next few months (original and reprint) and keeping fingers crossed that this will indeed happen.
But in the meantime, here are the photos:

Miami Beach & with my family in Fort Lauderdale for lunch and Waxahachie wetlands
Get Low did not happen for me last night. We went to the movie at the clubhouse,there were problems getting it started, with the film flipping ahead and back and all over the damned place but not the beginning. I was about to walk out when it started working correctly. Started getting really interesting then about 25 minutes in stopped dead. Then skipped a scene. I walked out and waiting for my mom in the lobby, reading whatever magazines were lying around. I hate having movies spoiled by crap like that. I assume it was either the DVD or the player. Don't know. Don't care. I grew with with my mom always late (hi mom!) and so we'd end up getting to movies in the middle. In those days you could sit through as many shows as you wanted so we would kind of figure out where we were in the movie and then sit through the first half. This experience reminded me how I always hated that and felt cheated. So I've just rented in on netflix instead and will just ff award to where the movie stopped.

Today, we went to see Unknown a brand new thriller with Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Frank Langella, Bruno Ganz, and January Jones. Biology researcher arrives in Berlin to give a talk, leaves his briefcase in the cab to the hotel and when he realizes this, takes another cab back to the airport to retrieve it. I won't give away any spoilers but it's interesting and I think, after discussing it with my mom, that it all kind of works (as much as this sort of thing can). A couple of very good car chases. Liam Neeson has been doing a bunch of movie thrillers of different types in the past few years and he's always earnest. It's a little difficult for me to watch anything with him in it since the tragic death of his wife, Natasha Richardson in 2009.

Tonight after eating dinner at the fabulous Lucille's barbecue joint, we watched House (new episode)-and I actually liked it--possibly because this one was more about his personal life than about a "case" (although there was a case--even two of them). Then we watched Harry Brown with Michael Caine. My mom had already seen it (that's what comes of her sending me into the Publix to pick out a movie on my own). Ugly,violent housing estate in England, and elderly protagonist takes on the bastards. Nicely done and both Caine and Emily Mortimer did some good work in it.

Made my flight reservations to Renovation. Reno here I come!
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( Mar. 6th, 2011 11:31 am)
The nice thing about visiting my mom in Florida is that I don't generally have to get up early and as there's not much to do (I don't drive) we only go out and do something maybe once or at most twice a day--yesterday we met my dad's family for lunch at the Peter Pan Diner, our usual hangout halfway between (they live in Miami).

Because we had a huge lunch (I couldn't even finish my half a duck) we barely ate before going to see The Platters at the clubhouse. I've just googled to find out who the actual contemporary "Platters" are but apparently there are no less than 4 groups using the The Platters name. In any case, they were fantastic, playing many of the original groups' hits like "The Great Pretender" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Chubby Checker's "The Twist", plus some motown. The entire band and four singers were excellent and were each given a solo number. They regularly induced the audience to sing along when they knew the words or at least clap in time to the music.

The original band was started in 1953, when I was too young to be aware of musical groups and the lineup that recorded most of their songs lasted until 1960. It was never my music but I was surprised that my mom and her generation would be interested. The theater was almost sold out and the audience --of 65-90 year olds--was enthusiastic.

Then we came home and watched tv. (something I never do at home, as most of you know).

Today we're having lunch with my cousin and his wife and we're thinking of going to the movie at the Clubhouse t his evening, Get Low.
Here are the photos from my trip down to Florida where I overlapped with my sister and brother in law for a few days.
On the way home from the airport we stopped at the VA cemetery to see my dad's grave.
Worked all day yesterday so didn't experience the weather. But today we all went to lunch at the cafe in the clubhouse then my sister, bro-in-law, and I went walking in the Seacrest Scrub Nature area in Delray Beach which was pretty empty of people and animals (that we could see--although we did spot some very interesting spiders --all the same species--kind of square shaped-when I get home I'll post photos) and then went to Wakodahatchee Wetlands where we saw lots of birds including Rosette Spoonbills, lots of egrets,ibis, herons nesting, a big turtle and one hell of a big gator. And it was cold enough out to wear the winter coat I brought with me from NY. Turns out Florida is the only state where it did not snow the other day (including Hawaii)

Last night I re-watched Miami Blues, the movie based on Charles Willeford's great novel with gorgeous young Alec Baldwin as sociopath, Jennifer Jason Leigh marvelously sweet/southern/innocent as his girlfriend, and Fred Ward as cop with false teeth Hoke Moseley. I loved it as much this time as I did when I first saw it. Syncronistically, my sister and brother in law were watching It's Complicated--with Alec Baldwin, 22 years older. I re-watched the second half of that with them and found it funny yet very sad.

Had a lovely dinner with Adam-Troy Castro and his charming wife Judy.
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( Jan. 10th, 2011 08:12 pm)
I've been away from my own blog/facebook account and haven't looked at anyone else's for the past few days as I tried to complete The Best Horror of the Year Volume Three before leaving for Florida this morning. Unfortunately, although I've chosen almost 106,000 words (and have 34,000 to go) I couldn't finish all my reading and so have brought down a LOT of it with me. My deadline --to hand in the finished ms-- has been extended to the weekend after I get home so I can finish writing up my summary.

I hate missing deadlines --the only deadlines I ever have missed and continue to miss are for YBFH and Best Horror. Each year there is more and more horror fiction to read--which of course means I have more to choose from and have more new writers and publications to recommend toreaders. But it of course also means that if I want to check out everything out there that can be considered dark fiction it takes more time and focus on my part.

So here I am with my family --I had no idea what I'd do while down here--now I know. I slog on.

I gather that at least one writer whose story I've chosen has already announced it on FB --I'd rather just be able to announce the entire TOC once I'm done, but hey, I'm not going to come after you if you happen to mention it around:-).

And I promise to catch up on lj and fb so I know what everyone else is up to.
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( May. 14th, 2010 05:14 pm)
It took until this morning for the isp to get their wifi system working at my parents' place but now it is. Hooray!

Weather is warm and sunny with clouds and sprinkles. My dad is stronger and can get out of and into bed with only one aide, which is good--and bad. It means he can get out on his own easier, with more chance of falling. My mom and I were told at the care meeting that they were getting him underwear that will be padded on the sides to protect his hips, should he fall again.
He most definitely is not worse with regard to comprehension. Once in awhile he'll try to make conversation and once in a very little while I can understand what he's saying and respond appropriately. He gets very frustrated and angry when no one understands. I certainly don't blame him but it's stressful for me, my mother, and (I'm sure) the staff.

I'm a little worried that Sophie has not shown her face to my housesitter since I've been gone. He thinks he heard her running away, and her hard food (she eats in Bella doesn't) is disappearing so at least she's eating. I've given him hints as to where she hides/sleeps so he can try to find her--just to let me know she's ok.I'm sure I'm an utter pain and feel like a new mother who leaves her child alone with a babysitter for the first time. I will not freak out I will not freak out.

My sister arrives tomorrow evening and we'll overlap for the next three days. It's a relief she's coming as my mom and I are starting to argue. It'll be good to have a buffer.

Last night my mom went out and I watched MUST LOVE DOGS (I've been meaning to see it and it was in my netflix queue but we got it at the library)--I laughed aloud a few times and enjoyed (as always) John Cusack. He and Diane Lane didn't really seem very chemically suited but it was still enjoyable. Also watched THE ITALIAN JOB -I'd watched part of it on a plane with no sound so it was kind of nice to actually hear what was going on. A well made caper movie with Edward Norton as the villain of the piece. Tonight, after dinner, maybe my mom and I will watch MAN ON WIRE, the documentary about Philippe Petit's 1974 high wire walk between the World Trade Towers.

update on Sophie: Got an email from my housesitter who says she finally appeared in front of him 11:30 pm as if to say "I was here all the time" (after he searched under sofa and cocktail table and other places I suggested). She even let him pet her and played laser tag with the pointer. Whew. I'm feeling much better now.
As you all know I've been in Florida visiting my parents for what was supposed to be a week.

I was supposed to fly home yesterday, but all flights into NY
were canceled because of the weather and I couldn't get another flight out
till tomorrow evening (and I think I got the last seat on that) so I've
been down here an extra two days--saw my dad today again in the nursing
home, which I hadn't planned on so it was nice.

The "and..." is that my cat/house sitter called to tell me that Dinah, my 17
year old ailing cat (she's been ailing for a year), died this morning.
Peacefully, in the bathroom. He found her there. If I'd gotten home last
night I would have been home when this happened--although possibly not

I've posted about her on here and there are plenty of photos of her (the orange calico) on my flickr account. She was a bitch, but she was MY bitch.

She's had health problems for awhile and I stopped taking her to the vet
over a year ago, when he said there wasn't much to be done for her except
hydration, which was NOT going to happen--she's never stand for it; she
hated going to the vet, puking coming and going and doing worse at times.
I saw no purpose in torturing her and am glad she's gone quickly and (I
hope) painlessly. That's what I'd hoped for. Poor Gordon L will be
kindly taking the body to the vet around the corner first thing in the
morning to have her cremated for me. I owe him a big one. I think he was
more upset than I am.

RIP my sweet, monstrous Dinah.
I'm down here again, not for fun but to check in with my parents. Also, my mom is having an endoscopy/biopsy Monday and asked my sister and me to come down because she's nervous. I just hope she gets the results before we both leave. Lori has been here since Wed and leaves Wed. I leave next Saturday.

The flight was surprise surprise! in to West Palm an hour early, so my sister and mom hadn't left the house yet. But the wait was pretty short. We stopped in at a horrible sports bar for dinner on the way home.

My sister and I caught up on my dad's condition/progress/treatment in Whitehall --my sister has been fantastic--it's been awful and frustrating dealing with this stuff from up north. Read more... )
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( Jan. 31st, 2010 11:26 pm)
But first, I'm home and so happy to be here. Of course, I'm going off for the next two weekends to be Guest of Honor at Aggiecon in College Station, TX and then Radcon in Pasco Washington but still. The weather when I returned Friday afternoon was a shock, even though it was cooler than usual down in Florida.

A bit of excitement taking off from West Palm Beach airport. We were on the runway, in the process of speeding up to take off when the plane slowed down and stopped. We were told by the Captain that he'd aborted takeoff because a flock of birds to the right side of the plane (I was on the left) took off and one flew into the nose of the plane. So... just to make sure dead birdie didn't get into the engines, we had to return to the gate for said engines to be checked out. While we waited the Captain said he's come down the aisle to ask questions. He got to me (2/3 of the way back) and I asked what kind of bird it was but he didn't know. I'm guessing egrets or something. After a mere half hour delay we were on our way.

Read more... )
I've been on extremely sludgy dial up since Saturday but right now I'm in the "Clubhouse" while my mom watched a show and can use their free wifi (which will eventually be expanded --though not for free-throughout the whole community). So I'm taking advantage, have updated my laptop programs, and am zipping through everything else.

We've visited my dad at rehab daily and then gone out to eat. He's been doing more rehab lately and working harder (although he still gets tired, pissed off, yells that he doesn't want to do any more and goes off walking away in his wheelchair. Medicaire will only pay as long as he's making progress. We've been trying to get him accepted at a long term nursing facility nearby that the VA will pay for. We thought it was all settled that he'd be going to one of two places while my sister wast still here (before I arrived) but now all's up in the air because there are no spaces available.

My mom got prescriptions for anti-depressants and a sleeping pill but neither will arrive till after I'm gone.

Finished the Best Horror work (as mentioned) and currently going over final line edits for TEETH, a teenage vampire anthology Terri and I edited. I'm delighted rereading the stories we've bought. They really are interesting (not Twilight stuff). We're awaiting our last two promised stories which should be in over the next few weeks. I'll announce the TOC when it's done.

Weather is cool here (for Florida) but loverly for NY so I'm happy --sunny. We no longer stay with my dad 5 hours a day as when he was in the hospital so at least I see daylight now.

Home Friday.
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( Nov. 14th, 2009 08:32 pm)
Yes; I'm still in Florida with my folks. Not doing much but hanging out, going out to meals and reading for Best Horror #2. Helped my mom get onto facebook, which means I need to be discreet (hi mom!) in case she actually reads it.

The dial up is better than previously. I hope that by the time I'm here next they'll have wireless throughout the community. Right now, it's only in the clubhouse.

The weather is gorgeous. Sunny, hot, cool in the shade. Eat your hearts out northerners :-).
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 12:39 am)
(not really, but going to Florida to see the folks, where it's still summer but the internet connection (dial up) sucks. So no messages please. Back online the 18th.)
I'm home from Florida, my parents are settling in nicely and hopefully things will go smoothly for them. My sister and I will likely visit them in Florida every couple of months. The flight back was tough--my dad, (never a patient man and now much worse in that respect) was insufferable while waiting for the cab to take us from the rehab center to White Plains airport. Then both my parents flipped out when no one from Air Trans miraculously and immediately appeared at the airport with wheelchair and support (I found said wheelchair, and eventually support). The flight itself was fine, and the man who picked us up arrived on time.

Read more... )

I'll finish this up in a separate blog post.
We've gotten permission to take my dad down to Florida as soon as we want/can so I'm flying down with them the 18-23rd --yup next week. My mother is buying the tix today.

The hiccup--aside from needed a cat/housesitter for Friday-Sunday--after which my regular should be back from Necon--is that as a result of the rain/hailstorm and tornado in Yonkers last night, the family car was flooded, as was the garage. My mom sounds ok with it and is awaiting the insurance adjuster.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 11:27 am)
Got back last night from 11 days in Florida, visiting my parents (dad's home and has a visiting nurse coming in four times a week plus will start having physical therapy to hopefully help with his balance and strengthen his legs.

Photos from ICFA will be posted but in the meantime I've posted a few family shots and landscapes and clouds (yup I love those Florida clouds).

More bad news from publishing. My wonderful editor at M Press, Rob Simpson, has been laid off. I have no idea what this means for Lovecraft Unbound, which is in production and due for pub in October.

Running out to do errands. More later.
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 10:42 pm)
I will be posting only intermittently because of a very slow dial-up connection from my parent's place for 6 days.
So my flight was an hour late yesterday because of bad weather in NYC. On the way home my parents tell me that my dad went for his regular checkup at the VA hospital Monday by himself and that he had an irregular heartbeat. They wanted him to stay overnight to be monitored and he said no way --his wife was home alone, his daughter was coming the next day, and forget it. So...he checked himself out.....

My mother and I dragooned him back to the hospital today (we warned them we were coming back and he said he should go straight to the ER to be checked in, no problem. We brought some stuff for him to have while in overnight. The ER room was pretty empty and they took him in right away. After about half an hour my mom and I were able to go in and sit with him while doctors came and examined him and questioned him (it was good that my mom and I could fill in some gaps about his recent health) and got him ready to be registered for an overnight stay. He was hooked up to the monitors and getting meds to slow down his heartbeat and thin his blood (for now). He most likely will not remain on the blood thinners once he gets out because he has bad balance and if he falls on blood thinners it would be very bad.

We didn't know when he'd actually get a bed so we bought him some lunch at the canteen which he ate like he was starving (my dad gets extremely grumpy when he's hungry). He was charming with the docs and nurses--a resident saw him and then an intern and he'll be seeing a cardiologist either tonight or tomorrow. We left around 3:30 and soon after we got home he called and gave us his phone # in the room he was taken to. They're hoping to find out why his heartbesat is irregular but warned us that often they never find out what the problem is.
Hopefully everything will be ok and he'll be checked out tomorrow. We shall see.

I'm not worried (yet) but I'm really glad this happened while I'm down here because I know it totally freaks out my mom.

Meanwhile, the weather is balmy and the moon is a gorgeous hug disc in the sky.

Sunday update: We picked my dad up today and he's home, napping. He slept terribly all three nights in the hospital. He's off some meds and on some others (he doesn't need many, considering his age). No more caffeine for him.
Thanks for everyone's kind concern over the past few days.
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( Nov. 18th, 2008 11:44 pm)
Jim got me going on with pc anywhere (last night and this morning I deleted another 50 or so messages to help out). We still don't know why outlook does this, although we suspect an incompatibility of some sort --with Norton or some other program that runs in the background. In any case, once I get my new portable hard drive to back up photos and stuff and throw into a safe deposit box, Jim will show me how to use that and upgrade my Norton. If we're lucky, the upgrade might help. If not... well we'll just see.

Today I downloaded and then uploaded all my photos from Florida this past long weekend. Lots of gorgeous cloud pictures....I deleted about 15 but there still are plenty. Also family photos.
For those interested, just go to my flickr site and scroll down the right for the four top sets:

Florida Photos


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