Guests were Peter Straub and Caitlín R. Kiernan. Shirley Jackson was the special guest and her daughter Sarah Hyman DeWitt (Sadie) represented her wonderfully. It was a great convention, as always.
I was GOH at Fantasticon in Copenhagen, along with Alastair Reynolds. I had a very nice time and was taken to two museums by Lars Ahn Pedersen, walked up and down the streets, saw a LOT of contstruction (as can be seen), visited Tivoli and saw a vain peacock in full display, and visited the zoo. A full, satisfying trip.

For anyone near Copenhagen next weekend I'm a Guest of Honor with Alistair Reynolds at the Danish annual convention Fantasticon. For anyone in the vicinity, here's a link to the website and my schedule: (I'm not sure what a few of the panels will entail but am assured I will be told :-) )


Friday 17:00-17:20, Kultursalen
Opening ceremony

Friday 17:30-19:00, Cafeen
Videnskabcafeen: The dead, the undead and the vampire romance
Ellen Datlow, Stig W. Jørgensen, Steen Langstrup, Gert Balling (m)

Saturday 12:00-12:50, Kultursalen
Stories we haven’t seen: The good short story
Ellen Datlow, Knud Larn, Henrik Harksen, H.H. Løyche, Ralan Conley (m)

Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 2:50 p.m., Heerupsalen
interview Ellen Datlow
Ellen Datlow, Ahn Lars Pedersen (i)
Saturday 15:00-15:50, Kultursalen
Genres – Necessary distinction or annoying restriction?
Ellen Datlow, Alastair Reynolds, Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen, Stig W. Jørgensen (m)

Saturday 20:15-??, Festsalen
The banquet

Sunday 13:00-13:50, Heerupsalen
The fairy tale in modern fiction
Ellen Datlow, Nicolas Barbano, Lars Ahn Pedersen (m)

Sunday 17:00-17:50, Heerupsalen
The last panel – final remarks before the convention (end the world?) ends.
Ellen Datlow, Alastair Reynolds, Klaus Æ. Mogensen (m)
I hadn't been for two years running and had a fantastic time this year. Fiction GOH were China Miéville and Kelly Link. (and we saw the alligator)

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( Jan. 22nd, 2012 11:38 pm)
I'm delighted to announce that I'm Editor GOH at Fantasticon 2012, The annual convention for science fiction, fantasy & horror in Copenhagen. It takes place June 1-3rd. My co-guest is British sf writer Alastair Reynolds.
Here's more info: Fantasticon 2012

I was last in Copenhagen in the early 70s and am very much looking forward to returning.

I'll be missing Book Expo, which will be a shame, but what would you choose? ;-)
This is really just an all-around update.

I realize that most people who know me don't think of me as an introvert but I generally feel like one. (And yes, I've looked up "psychological definitions/characteristics")

The reason I feel this way is that as happy being alone --although what does "alone" mean when I'm awash in sensation that constantly impinges on my consciousness, even at home. When I'm home I listen to music, mostly jazz-on the radio or when WBGO isn't playing something I like then on pandora. I interact with my cats when we all feel like it, I post online and read newsgroups and otherwise participate on the social networks. So I guess I rarely am "alone." Editing, just like writing, is a solitary job. I love it. Read more... )
Thursday 9am Stroll with the stars- Walgreen's parking lot (Walgreen's is on Virginia St, between the Peppermill and the Atlantis, closer to the Atlantis)

12:00 - 13:00, Fairy Tales and Storytelling (Panel) A03 (RSCC)

Are there common storytelling values that most "fable
tales" share, which make them both accessible and
compelling? The source material from Aesop, Mother Goose,
and the Brothers Grimm has been reapplied in many novels,
short stories -- and now graphic novels. Join us for a
discussion of how the classic tales are successfully
reworked in new treatments. (Beauty and the Beast, Snow
White and Rose Red, Cinderella, Aladdin, the Arabian
Nights, etc
Bill Willingham , Joan D. Vinge , Ellen Asher ,
Ellen Datlow . (M) Kelley Caspari

Thursday 4-5pm Autographing: (Autographing, Hall 2 Autographs (RSCC)


Fri 1-2, Selecting the Best Short Fiction of the Year
(Panel) A04 (RSCC)

Every year, we have a lot of great short fiction, and for
those who can't read it all as it comes out, several
prominent "best of the year" anthologies. The editors of
the best of the year anthologies discuss how they go about
putting together their anthologies, their philosophies of
what makes a good best of the year anthology, and the
importance of such anthologies. Great Best of the Year
series of past years may also be used as examples.
(M) David G. Hartwell , Gardner Dozois , Ellen Datlow ,
Jonathan Strahan

Fri 5-6pm , Literary Beer: (Literary Beer), Hall 2 Bar (RSCC)
Ellen Datlow

Saturday 11-12 Fantasy and Horror in the New Century D03 (RSCC)

What to look for and where to find on the darker side of
John Joseph Adams , Scott Edelman, Susan T. Casper, Ellen Datlow, Nick Mamatas

Sat 3-4, Editing Anthologies A09 (RSCC)

How do editors approach anthologies? Do they just call
their friends, or do they (or their assistants) plow
through slushpiles? Do the "Best ofs" present special
Jennifer Brozek, John Joseph Adams, (M)David Malki,
Ellen Datlow

Sat 6-8 Pre-Hugo Reception (Reception), Capri (Peppermill)

8pm Hugo awards

11am-noon autographing at SFWA table in dealer’s room

In San Francisco:
August 24th Wednesday 7pm Borderlands meet and greet

In between I'll be doing the usual.
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( Jun. 19th, 2011 03:46 pm)
I know I'm the female equivalent of the "johnny come lately" but I haven't been online since Saturday afternoon.
I had a ball at the Stoker weekend and not only because Nick and I won the anthology award for Haunted Legends along with Joe R. Lansdale's wonderful "The Folding Man" from the book). The panels were smart and fun, interviews with the guests of honor illuminating, and the weekend itself well-organized. Also, I was able to meet and/or hang out with Dacre Stoker, great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, Joe Hill, Gary Wolfe, Peter and Susan Straub (Gary, Peter, and Susan and I had a delicious Italian meal at the Rialto restaurant), Scott Edelman, who after the Stokers drove me and Gary Frank to an ice cream parlor he discovered the night before. I partook and I should not have. Delicious but my eyes were most definitely bigger than my stomach. Caught up with Kelly Laymon, Doug Clegg, Lisa Morton, Vince Liaguno, Rocky Wood, and so many others. I enjoyed meeting some of the new faces, who are members or are thinking of joining. And I thank Stephen Graham Jones and Brad Carpenter for sharing a cab with me to Westbury station (and Stephen for lugging my garment bag up the stairs of the station).

Superior Achievement in a NOVEL

A DARK MATTER by Peter Straub (Doubleday/Orion)

Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL (Tie)

BLACK AND ORANGE by Benjamin Kane Ethridge (Bad Moon Books)

THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES by Lisa Morton (Gray Friar Press)

Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION

INVISIBLE FENCES by Norman Prentiss (Cemetery Dance)

Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION

“The Folding Man” by Joe R. Lansdale (from HAUNTED LEGENDS)

Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY

HAUNTED LEGENDS edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas (Tor)

Superior Achievement in a FICTION COLLECTION

FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King (Simon and Schuster)

Superior Achievement in NON-FICTION

TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS by Gary A. Braunbeck (Apex Publications)

Superior Achievement in a POETRY COLLECTION

DARK MATTERS by Bruce Boston (Bad Moon Books)
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( May. 18th, 2009 06:17 pm)
I'm Toastmaster (mistress) at ConQuest 40 in Kansas City, MO this weekend and here's my schedule.
In addition to the below, I will be eating barbecue, drinking, socializing, possibly spending a couple of hours in a casino if there's time (I stupidly love the slots)and having a wonderful time.
C'mon by if you're in the area:

Friday May 22nd:
7 PM Opening Ceremonies (Main Hall)
8:30 PM Authors and Artists Reception (Pershing)

Saturday May 23rd:
11AM Autographing (Pershing)--I'll be bringing some OP titles, but I'm not sure yet if I'll be selling them at my autographing or if they will be sold for me in the dealer's room.

2PM This Sucks! I Think I'm In LUV!! The Vampire Revolution in Print and Media. (Empire 3)
Ellen Datlow
Brad Sinor
Sue Sinor
Sherri Dean
Chloe Neill

Sunday May 24th
11AM What makes you think YOU can edit. What does an Editor Do?(Empire 1)
Allison Stein
John Scalzi
Ellen Datlow
Selina Rosen

1PM GOH Interview (Main)
Ellen Datlow
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( Aug. 10th, 2008 11:42 pm)
Got home tonight after an uneventful flight (although everything seemed to be delayed by hours from Laguardia, so I suspect I was lucky). I ran into Devi Pillai of Hachette and agent Ginger Clark on the flight--I hadn't seen them at all at Denvention...which was the big problem of the con. Too big, too spread out, the convention space was abominable--lousy acoustics and even within the convention center everything was totally spread out seemingly from one end of the huggggee hall to the other.

The panels I was on were not bad, but I think I'm done with the resurgence of the non-theme original anthology panel now. Attempting to stay on track --discussing "original non-theme anthologies" just doesn't seem very productive. Either someone insists on taking up more than half the panel on the history of that kind of anthology, or someone starts talking about reprint anthologies, or it moves back into theme anthologies or a marketing panel. Which was never my intention. Oh well. Presumably some sf/f historian will analyse why there has been a resurgence in the past 3 or so years.

The pre-Hugo party was in a sad-looking set of rooms but the snacks were tasty and the post Hugo party was sumptuous. The food was fantastic!

I was tired the entire convention and never stayed up past 1:30 or so --Pat Cadigan and I were sharing a room at the Courtyard Marriott downtown which was just off the 16th street mall's free tram, which helped hike to the convention center but in heels we often took cabs. Even if we'd stayed at the Hyatt next to the center, while there was a nice bar in that lobby where everyone seemed to hang out--the party hotel was several blocks away at the Sheraton. And for two evenings in a row there were monsoon rains. I'm glad that I saw those people I did see but there are tons more that I saw only the last night or not at all. Thank god for cell phones--I'm glad I set up most of my meals in advance.

Karen Haber and I spent a couple of hours antiquing on stretch along Broadway. At the last minute Greg and Astrid Bear joined us, but only after we threatened Greg with death if he interfered or whined about our shopping...He was very good -in fact, I was impressed with his shopping skills ;-) Karen scored some interesting items and so did I --I found two Japanese wood block prints of unknown date. They were from an estate with a large number of prints--some by recognizable names and most with no prices on them. The material had been bought by a dealer and hadn't been appraised yet. I was impressed by a series of prints, many of which were of workers...and obviously all by the same artist. One of the two I was interested in had a tag of $40 on it, which I thought very odd. Astrid and Greg liked a more modern one by another artist and that had no tag on it. We brought them downstairs and the women who ran the mall said they'd just come in, the owner hadn't priced them but she was coming over soon...would we wait? We finished browsing and the woman had arrived. She looked at the prints we wanted and told the Bears that she couldn't sell that one yet. She further said that whatever prices were on the prints were the original prices from 37 years before (long story of where they came from). So I'm figuring, oh great 1) I can't buy them and 2) even if I could they're probably at least double if not triple what's marked which would mean 3) I couldn't buy them ;-)...But... she said I could have them for $40 each. So of course I bought them. Perhaps Greg and Astrid will get the one they wanted....Now to figure out where to hang them once they're framed.

But finding out just before I left for Denver about the WFA nominations helped assuage the pain ;-)
For anyone interested. I figured I could handle getting up early once and only the first morning, hence my participation in the first program item below:

9 am Walk with the Stars

10 am

79 Short Fiction: On it's way out or a way to break into the market?
CCC - Room 506
Does anyone read short stories anymore? The increase in original anthology collections, coupled with both the internet and paper magazine market would tend to say yes. But many fans tell us they just don't read short fiction anymore. What's the real story?
(m) David Levine, Ellen Datlow, James Patrick Kelly, Lisa Mantchev, Sheila Williams


203 Breaking into SF: The Big Guns
CCC - Korbel 4CD
Major New York publishers tell us why the big publishing houses can still be the key to success for new writers.
Ellen Datlow, James Frenkel, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Sheila Williams (m) Stanley Schmidt, Toni Weisskopf


312 (45 minutes)
CCC - Hall D
12:15 Signing



455 The Comeback of Original Anthology
CCC - Korbel 1C
New collections of original stories are appearing more frequently now than over the recent past. Original Anthology Collections may be substituting for or
supplementing magazines as a market for short fiction. Why are we seeing this and what can we expect in the near future?
Ellen Datlow, Jonathan Strahan, (m) Lee Martindale,
Lou Anders

507 Kaffeeklatsch
CCC - Korbel 4E
I've been asked to answer questions at the Virtual Conflux site (the physical Conflux is taking place in Canberra, Australia). I attended in person a few years ago and it was a marvelous convention. I'm delighted to attend virtually this year. Anyone can sign up to participate here at the Conflux forum .

I will be responding to questions awaiting me Saturday morning and will continue to answer them periodically as long as they're asked.

Oz is about 12 hours ahead of the east coast of the US for anyone interested.

Here's the entire schedule (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Saturday August 2

12 noon – Glenda Larke
1pm – Chris Barnes
2pm – Gillian Polack
3pm – Bruce Gillespie
4pm – Cat Sparks
5pm – Stephen Hunt
6pm – Peter Strong
7pm – Karen Miller
8pm – Fiona McLennan
9pm – Maxine McArthur
10pm – Sharyn Lilley
11pm – Karen Herkes
12 midnight – Ellen Datlow

Sunday August 3rd

1am to 6am – break
7am – Sherwood Smith
8am – Nicole R Murphy
9am – Jonathan Strahan
10am – Kaaron Warren
11am – Sean Williams
12pm – Kevin J Anderson
1pm – Phil Berrie
2pm – Jackie French
3pm – Jack Dann
4pm – Simon Haynes
5pm – Marianne de Pierres
...it's not the strolling, mind you. It's the getting up EARLY at a convention. Woe is me...anyone come along with me...in lovely Denver.

Strolling With The Stars
Stu Segal

To encourage a healthier, more active environment at Denvention 3 we are scheduling a 9AM walk every morning. We'll leave from under the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center, and we'll stroll for a leisurely mile through downtown Denver. Each day's walk will be led by a Famous AuthorTM, Artist, Editor or Scientist who will not only lead the walk but will interact with the participants. Join luminaries like Frank Wu, David Brin, Jay Lake, Ellen Datlow, John Picacio, Lou Anders, Paul Cornell, Scott Edelman, Mary Robinette Kowal and Stephen H. Segal for a gentle, friendly stroll to get the day started on an upbeat note.

Denvention Special Programming
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( May. 28th, 2008 10:38 am)
I had a very good time and will definitely attend again-although not next year as I'm toastmaster at Conquest the same weekend.

I seem to have missed the virus that spread around the con like wildfire but I guess I could still come down with it. Keeping fingers crossed.

The flight back started so-so --with a 25 minute delay. I knew that Madison skies were windy but not too windy, and that NYC was having thunderstorms. Well, after 2 hours of flying it turned out that NYC had closed its airports and so we circled high up and far away for awhile....and awhile...and longer. Finally, it was announced that we were running out of fuel, ground control didn't know when the airports around NYC would reopen (supposedly even the trains were stopped) and so we were diverted to Hartford, Ct to refuel and wait. It was about 7pm by then (we were supposed to have gotten in around 5:30.) I had lots of cheese curds and a very good bread I'd picked up at the market Saturday so at least had food to keep me from getting overly grumpy.

We were allowed into the small Hartford terminal to wait but there was NOTHING open --not even drink machines. Everyone from the plane (crew and passengers) were remarkably congenial and calm about the whole thing. So we waited there about 45 minutes waiting to hear the news about whether the airports were reopened.

They were, we reboarded, sat on the plane for about half an hour and then came an announcement...the crew told us that they were informed that they were legally not allowed to fly any longer--they'd all hit their limit (well, it was 8 ours from our original departure, who knows how long they were working before that). They wanted to go to NYC as much as we did and it was only 25 minutes away but no-go.....so we disembarked again and this time were told that the airline would give us vouchers for taxis to LaGuardia.

The passengers started getting together into groups of three whose destination were nearby so we could have the cabs take us to the city rather than the airport where we'd just have to cab in into the city. So....we got vouchers (of $295 --if you want to know the cost of a cab from Hartford to Manhattan) and I found two other women going into Manhattan-and downtown. So we piled into the cab at around 10:45 pm and got to Manhattan about 12:45 or so , with a stop at a gas station enroute so we could use the bathroom and get some food.

Boy was it good to be home after that.
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( May. 27th, 2008 12:02 am)
Foresthouse, who received a copy of INFERNO for review a few weeks ago, has posted a very nice piece here:
Walking on the Edge

I'm sitting in my room at 11:05 pm CT with the wind absolutely howling outside. Mary Robinette Kowal, my roomie for the night is writing a story. We're both occasionally breaking out into amazed giggles at the incredible sound.

I've had a great time at the convention, some great meals and saw a lot of friends. Unfortunately, I ran into several people I had no idea were attending and didn't have time to hang out with them.

I won an original oil by Terri Windling at the Tiptree Auction last night. Today Ysabeau Wilce and I (my roomie till today) went to an antique mall. And I had a steak dinner in the hotel restaurant with Jeremy Lassen (Nightshade) tonight--I wanted one more steak before returning to NYC where I can't afford steak in restaurants.

I've got my cheese curds and a lovely very hard bread I got at the market yesterday--I guess I'll chomp them on the plane home tomorrow.

Glad to be returning home. Back tomorrow night.
I usually travel to London annually in the winter when the fares are down, staying with my second family (the Clutes) in Camden Town and visiting with them, La Cadigan, Paul McAuley, Rob Holdstock Kim Newman, and hordes of other Londoners and those in other counties/countries passing through (like Lisa Tuttle from Scotland and/or Caroline Oakley from Wales and/or Maura McHugh from Ireland).

Well, after returning from Japan I was thinking that I just couldn't afford it this January/February...but then I got an email from American Airlines telling me to "use my miles'! And I discovered that I had plenty of miles to get me to London....so London here I come! I'll be going February 4-16th. I'll even make a tiny bit of moolah by talking to some students--an in informal, interview-type situation.

I've come to realize that I could probably make some decent money if I wasn't terrified of public speaking (you didn't know that about me, did you?). Sure, I can participate in panel discussions and writing workshops and I have no problem at all being interviewed. But to stand up in front of an audience/class and give a talk or a speech...um--no way no how. (I still have nightmares about forgetting lines. ) Oh well. I may just rationalizing my fear, but I think it's a good thing to accept what you do well and what you don't.

Nearer future, I'm going to be at Capclave in October (already mentioned), Saratoga Springs for WFC in early November, Florida for a few days mid-November, for my parents' 60 anniversary party, Maine for a week in December visiting Liz Hand. So traveling a lot, which I do enjoy.


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