I take off for World Horror, Odysseycon,Wales, and London in between until April 6th. I've no idea how often I'll be online --it depends on time and access to wifi.

When I get back I'll post the 50 Honorable Mentions that made it into the print Best Horror of the Year, volume 2 and see if I can post the rest of them in sections (so that they don't blow up my facebook page, which is where these posts end up).

A few movies: Friday night I watched Bridget Bardot in And God Created Woman, with Curt Jurgens, who I had a crush on, growing up and a very young Jean-Louis Trintignant. I didn't remember that I'd seen it until the penultimate scene, (spoiler alert)

where Jean-Louis slaps the Bardot character a few times and then they go home all lovey-dovey--proving all a "loose" woman needs is a loving man to smack her around so that she knows he really cares for her. Oh well. But Bardot was sure hot!

Caught up with Crazy Heart Saturday and like it a lot. Jeff Bridges was fantastic, as was Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Colin Farrell. I liked it better than I remember liking Tender Mercies to which it's been compared. Loved the soundtrack.

Started last season of Monk--which is ok so far --I'm glad it's ending. It's getting tired.

Tried to watch Sylvia (about Plath) but the disc wouldn't play so watched the rest of the fourth season of Angel. Some of the fourth season was awful but some pretty good and I'm really glad Lila is back, even if only temporarily.
My flights back from Radcon yesterday were all screwed up because the plane I was meant to take from Pasco, WA to Denver and then on home was delayed in San Francisco, supposedly because of fog. (various SF residents have said "what"? But hey, that's what we were told. So my flight was three hours late, I missed the connection in Denver to NY and there were NO OTHER FLIGHTS OUT FROM DENVER TO NY THAT NIGHT--so I was shipped off to Los Angeles (from Denver) and just about made my flight having to maneuver from the United terminal at LAX to the American terminal (there was nothing else till hours later?).... I happily got my luggage, which to me is a miracle, having had it move through four separate airports and two different airlines.

So I got to my front door 10am, checked email quickly, ate some cheese and crackers--I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday as I didn't have time to grab anything trying to catch my LAX plane home and they didn't serve ANY FOOD --FOR SALE OR ANYTHING on the effing plane.

Took a two hour nap and feel much better. Started unpacking and the two lovely bottles of Washington Wine Bob Brown gave me came through in my checked garment bag came through intact. And I got a note that the TSA searched my luggage--most likely the wine set them off.

Radcon was great but I've gotta say that traveling home from there nearly killed me. If I ever go again, I'm going to stay over somewhere enroute for a few days.
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( Aug. 5th, 2009 05:29 pm)
and still dripping from the humidity, despite the fact my air-conditioner is on.

Freaking out a bit because I've too much to do before leaving tomorrow. I've got a very busy schedule (Friday may be the worst)so don't know how often I'll be posting, if at all.

Back Tuesday night.
It's a weirdly crazy NYC summer that's more like tropical --sunny then downpour in the afternoon and then more sun.

I don't care, I'm taking off for upstate NY tomorrow (where I gather it's also been raining) for a real vacation for a couple of days.

Meeting with speech and physical therapists today (and my mom and dad and sister) and it went well. Dad's definitely improving. They're worried about his climbing up the stairs to the garden apt in Yonkers. And my sister, mom, and I worry too. But they just started putting him on steps a couple of days ago, so no surprise there. Ann gave us a rundown of how she's working with my dad to help with his reading comprehension as well as his speech. He can read simple sentences (he can definitely read and comment on the tabloids) Has more trouble with complex questions. But hell, he's only been in rehab two weeks come tomorrow (or about to be today).

My sister and I are more worried about our mom, who's having a very hard time of it. She refuses to take time off and is having major pain in her knee (this is new to us)--she's apparently had arthritis in it for awhile but it's been acting up. If possible my sister will take her to a walk in clinic (of course, this has to happen July 4th weekend when NO doctor will be around). She's taking aspirin and putting a heating pad on it. The only good thing about it is that it means she probably will take a day off visiting our dad tomorrow. We'd like her to take a day off and see friends. She won't. My sister is staying over till Saturday and I'll be back Sunday night, going up there Monday and Tuesday for the day.
June 12-14 is the Stoker weekend taking place in Burbank--I'll be there from Thursday late afternoon on (although only staying at the hotel Friday and Saturday nights)

June 11th Thursday 7-9pm: Dark Delicacies mass autographing

June 12th Friday 2-3 pm: I'm moderating the panel on "Editing an Anthology": Bill Breedlove, R. J. Cavender, Ellen Datlow, Chad Helder, Stephen Jones, Vince A. Liaguno

4-5pm Kaffeeklatsch

June 13th Saturday 11-12noon autographing (will be bringing some OP books if I can)

I hope to see some of you there.
I usually travel to London annually in the winter when the fares are down, staying with my second family (the Clutes) in Camden Town and visiting with them, La Cadigan, Paul McAuley, Rob Holdstock Kim Newman, and hordes of other Londoners and those in other counties/countries passing through (like Lisa Tuttle from Scotland and/or Caroline Oakley from Wales and/or Maura McHugh from Ireland).

Well, after returning from Japan I was thinking that I just couldn't afford it this January/February...but then I got an email from American Airlines telling me to "use my miles'! And I discovered that I had plenty of miles to get me to London....so London here I come! I'll be going February 4-16th. I'll even make a tiny bit of moolah by talking to some students--an in informal, interview-type situation.

I've come to realize that I could probably make some decent money if I wasn't terrified of public speaking (you didn't know that about me, did you?). Sure, I can participate in panel discussions and writing workshops and I have no problem at all being interviewed. But to stand up in front of an audience/class and give a talk or a speech...um--no way no how. (I still have nightmares about forgetting lines. ) Oh well. I may just rationalizing my fear, but I think it's a good thing to accept what you do well and what you don't.

Nearer future, I'm going to be at Capclave in October (already mentioned), Saratoga Springs for WFC in early November, Florida for a few days mid-November, for my parents' 60 anniversary party, Maine for a week in December visiting Liz Hand. So traveling a lot, which I do enjoy.


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