June 2011
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10:53 am

Been busy

11:35 am

My weekend

11:26 am

Naked City & Supernatural Noir reviews

03:32 pm

Reminder about Teeth reading at Jefferson Market Library


11:52 am

Review of Naked City

12:29 pm

Rave for Best Horror #3

10:28 am

The Children of the Russian Rich

07:42 pm

Sturgeon award nominees

02:55 pm

home and booted up

06:59 pm

My website


01:31 am



12:27 pm

Photos from the Teeth reading at the Jefferson Market Library

04:42 pm

My Stoker weekend schedule

10:45 am

Glen Hirshberg and Sarah Langan at KGB Wednesday June 15th

02:20 am

Photos from Sarah Langan and Glen Hirshberg's KGB reading


11:30 am

Fantastic Fiction at KGB July 20-Ryman and Vaz

11:34 am

Readings from Supernatural Noir at KGB Friday July 22

03:46 pm

Stoker weekend

07:15 pm

The First Naked City reading/signing

09:27 pm

the toe et al

09:39 pm

Locus award weekend

09:59 pm

I've been podcast (ed)

11:14 pm

one more thing for tonight

06:16 pm

Photos from the Stoker Award weekend

10:01 pm

Supernatural Noir out today!!!!A

01:03 pm

Details/link to Naked City reading in Cambridge, Mass.

02:31 pm

like a mental embolism filled with fear that exploded in my brain.

02:55 pm

Interview with me over at Underwords


12:04 am

My Readercon schedule

12:18 am

Supernatural Noir review

07:30 pm

Evidence from the Locus Award weekend

07:46 pm

anthologies available as ebooks



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