January 2012
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11:51 am

The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four -table of contents

12:24 pm

word counts and venues for Best Horror #4

12:49 am

Call for Submissions for The Best horror of the Year volume 5 (2012)

04:47 pm

Photographs of Florida and what I've been up to

12:43 pm

N.K. Jemisin and Livia Llewellyn to read at KGB Feb 15


05:17 pm

In preparation for the e-pub of Wild Justice (aka Lethal Kisses)

02:31 am

Photos from the KGB reading January 18-Link/Kelly

12:04 pm

Soldier's Girl/Six Feet Under


11:38 pm

Fantasticon 2012

12:13 pm

Cat Sparks in NYC



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