Why had I never heard of Soldier's Girl with Lee Pace, when it came out in 2003? I only discovered it after watching the series Pushing Daisies and then looking up everything else Pace has been in.

The movie (I see it actually was a tv mini-series, which might explain why I was not aware of it), based on a true story, was made in 2003 and it's about a young soldier(Troy Garity)who meets and falls in love with a transgendered performer (Lee Pace) in a nightclub--and the repercussions. All the acting was good but Lee Pace's performance is extraordinary. I see that he was nominated for several awards (but shamefully not the Emmy--the director and prosthetic artists got the only nominations)and won the Gotham "Breakthrough" award with his co-star. The character (and acting) of the soldier's roommate (Shawn Hatosy) is chilling. Rent it.

I'm deep into the second season of Six Feet Under--it's pretty manipulative, isn't it? Every time things are going well for the members of the Fisher family--the rug's pulled out under them--I come to expect this but am still affected by it. I've come to really dislike Lisa, (played by Lili Taylor)--there's something about her that gives me the severe creeps. I feel that Claire, the young daughter of the Fisher family is thrown into bad boy relationships not because she's screwed up but because the creator of the series merely wants to keep a tension in the plot. In other words, I don't feel her bad choices are organic to her character but manipulated. (I realize that of course all "drama" is manipulated as long as there is a script--that's the point. But keeping that overt manipulation from the viewer--at least while she's watching it--is crucial to great art). I'm still enjoying the series but the seams are beginning to show more than I'd like.


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