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( May. 15th, 2010 11:32 pm)
The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi (Night Shade Books, Sept. 2009)

The Women of Nell Gwynne’s – Kage Baker (Subterranean Press, June 2009)
Congratulations everyone (and all the nominees, too).

“Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast,”
Eugie Foster (Interzone, Feb. 2009)

Short Story
“Spar,” Kij Johnson (Clarkesworld, Oct. 2009)

Ray Bradbury Award
District 9, Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell (Tri-Star, Aug. 2009)

Andre Norton Award
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making,
Catherynne M. Valente (Catherynne M. Valente, June 2009)

Additional Honors
During the ceremonies, Joe Haldeman was honored as the next Damon Knight Grand Master, while Neal Barrett, Jr., was honored as Author Emeritus. Vonda N. McIntyre and Keith Stokes were honored with SFWA Service Awards while the SFWA Solstice Award, bestowed upon individuals who have made a significant impact on the science fiction or fantasy landscape, was presented to Tom Doherty, Terri Windling and the late Donald A. Wollheim.

Full announcement on the SFWA site
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( Apr. 26th, 2009 11:16 am)
Winners of the Nebulas and the Andre Norton Award:

* Novel: Powers, Ursula K. Le Guin (Harcourt)
* Novella: "The Spacetime Pool," Catherine Asaro (Analog Mar '08)
* Novelette: "Pride and Prometheus," John Kessel (F&SF Jan '08)
* Short Story: "Trophy Wives," Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Fellowship Fantastic)
* Andre Norton Award: Flora's Dare, Ysabeau Wilce (Harcourt)

Congratulations to all the winners.
Check out the podcast of Ford's Nebula award nominated The Dreaming Wind at Starship Sofa.
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 12:22 pm)
SFWA is proud to announce the nominees for the 2008 Nebula Awards.
The awards will be presented at the 2009 Nebula Awards® Weekend,
April 24-26, 2009, in Los Angeles, California. For more information
on the awards and the Nebulas Weekend, please see

"Little Brother" - Doctorow, Cory (Tor, Apr08)
"Powers" - Le Guin, Ursula K. (Harcourt, Sep07)
"Cauldron" - McDevitt, Jack (Ace,Nov07)
"Brasyl" - McDonald, Ian (Pyr, May07)
"Making Money" - Pratchett, Terry (Harper, Sep07)
"Superpowers" - Schwartz, David J. (Three Rivers Press, Jun08)

"The Spacetime Pool" - Asaro, Catherine (Analog, Mar08)
"Dark Heaven"-Benford, Gregory (Alien Crimes, Resnick, Mike, Ed., SFBC, Jan07)
"Dangerous Space"-Eskridge, Kelley (Dangerous Space, Aquaduct Press, Jun07)
"The Political Prisoner" - Finlay, Charles Coleman (F&SF, Aug08)
"The Duke in His Castle" - Nazarian, Vera (Norilana Books, Jun08)

"If Angels Fight" - Bowes, Richard (F&SF, Feb08)
“The Ray-Gun: A Love Story” - James Alan Gardner (Asimov’s, Feb08)
"Dark Rooms" - Goldstein, Lisa (Asimov's, Oct/Nov 07)
"Pride and Prometheus" - Kessel, John (F&SF, Jan08)
"Night Wind"-Rosenblum, Mary (Lace and Blade, ed. Deborah J. Ross, Norilana Books,Feb08)
"Baby Doll" - Sinisalo, Johanna (The SFWA European Hall of Fame, James Morrow & Kathryn Morrow, Ed., Tor, Jun07 (trans. from the Finnish by David Hackston)
"Kaleidoscope" - Wentworth, K.D. (F&SF, May07)

Short Stories:
"The Button Bin"-Allen, Mike (Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly,
"The Dreaming Wind" - Ford, Jeffrey (The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Ed., Viking, Jul07)
"Trophy Wives" - Hoffman, Nina Kiriki (Fellowship Fantastic, ed. Greenberg and Hughes, Daw Jan08)
"26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss" - Johnson, Kij (Asimov's, Jul08)
"The Tomb Wife" - Jones, Gwyneth (F&SF, Aug07)
"Don't Stop" - Kelly, James Patrick (Asimov's, Jun07)
“Mars: A Traveler’s Guide” - Ruth Nestvold (F&SF, Jan08)

"The Dark Knight" - Nolan, Jonathan; Nolan, Christopher, Goyer, David S. (Warner Bros., Jul08) "WALL-E" Screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Original story by Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter (Walt Disney June 2008)
"The Shrine" - Wright, Brad (Stargate Atlantis, Aug08)

"Graceling" - Cashore, Kristin (Harcourt, Oct08)
"Lamplighter" - Cornish, D.M. (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 2, Putnam Juvenile, May08))
"Savvy" - Law, Ingrid (Dial, May08)
"The Adoration of Jenna Fox"-Pearson, Mary E.(Henry Holt & Company, Apr08)
"Flora's Dare: How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her
Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room) -Wilce, Ysabeau S. (Harcourt, Sep08)

Correction to the final ballot: one novelette and one story were left off by a procedural error
The Preliminary Nebula Ballot
I think it's an embarrassment that nothing made the preliminary ballot for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. . I really feel the membership let the ball drop in this category.

But on the admirable side, the venues for the short story category are relatively diverse this year -- of the fourteen stories:

2 were published online (Clarkesworld and Helix)
1 is from an anthology (The Coyote Road)
1 is from a collection (The Guild of Xenolinguists)

4 from Asimov's
2 from Realms of Fantasy
2 from F&F
1 Analog
1 from Subterranean Magazine

Out of the four novellas:
2 are from magazines (Analog and F&SF)
1 from a collection (Dangerous Spaces)
1 from an anthology (Alien Crimes)

The nine novelettes are from the usual suspects: F&SF, Asimov's, Analog, and one anthology (he SFWA European Hall of Fame)

and one lonely script: WALL-E
These recommended stories will be losing their eligibility at the end of the month, so if you are an SFWA member and had intended to read them and/or rec them do it NOW--I can email you a copy or you can read them through the link on the NAR.
Barron, Laird -> The Forest
Hirshberg, Glen -> The Janus Tree
Thomas, Lee -> An Apiary of White Bees

Short Stories:
Ballingrud, Nathan -> Monsters of Heaven
Bear, Elizabeth -> Inelastic Collisions
Dowling, Terry -> The Suits at Auderlene
Ford, Jeffrey -> The Bedroom Light
Shepard, Lucius -> The Ease With Which We Freed the Beast


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