These past few days, since I returned from LA, have been busy as I've run around to do errands, socialize, gone to docs (re-do regular blood tests that were inconclusive and have the MRI on my left foot), read manuscripts and edit, all before leaving for Ad Astra tomorrow morning.
I saw a new play last night that I wasn't fond of: High, with Kathleen Turner and two other cast members (all were ok, not great) about a Catholic rehab center that against the rules takes in a 19 year old male junkie who was found in a hotel room with a dead, male 14 year old. Very much about religion (and not vis a vis addiction) which is so not my cup of tea. Perhaps Christians would appreciate it better, but to me the whole exercise, although it had wonderful moments, was a failure. Not boring though.

Here's the great part of my post though, abandoned bear cubs cuddle with baby tiger

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Why do I make this announcement? Because it is the first time I have been able to do so for at least ten years. (some of you know the rest so you can stop reading now or skip to the last paragraph)

Background: books books, everywhere books. I've been working at home since 1998 or so and at that point in my life I had to move cartons of books from my OMNI Office (where they had been collected inside my office and outside in the suite for 17 years) to my apartment and to storage.

I have been editing a years best anthology for about 25 years now. Books come in, most (maybe 95% go out) but that's still that means many books stay. And where do they stay? In my apartment until I persuade/cajole/bribe one or two strapping males to move cartons into my storage locker.

Anyway, incoming books start their journeys on my kitchen table, as they await for me to move them into my living room and bedroom where they will eventually get my attention and I will read them for the next best of the year. The horror books in the pile will be moved relatively quickly.

But some books --those that are not priority reading--ie not horror, or books that I've picked up (and actually even occasionally bought) that interest me enough to hang on to until I figure out what to do with them --those are the ones that start piling up on the kitchen table. And remain for years. *

So what changed you may ask.

Rick Lieder house/cat sat for me in early January. When I came home, the kitchen table was CLEARED!!!! Now those books did not disappear. In fact, they were all moved to a chair at the end of the table so he could work on his laptop. It was the first time I've seen the tabletop for, um....a very long time. As it happens, some new books made their way onto the tabletop but not enough to completely block my view of it.

Today: I've no idea what came over me but as I was making myself brunch, I suddenly got the urge to sit at the table. I gently shoved the small piles of books that have gathered in the past month creating enough space for me to eat there. (with enough room to read a magazine).

*I will admit that part of the reason I stopped eating at the kitchen table was the late lamented Dinah, who always insisted on eating from my plate and would drag food off when I wasn't looking.
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( Nov. 8th, 2010 09:39 pm)
I missed the snow that apparently sifted down on NYC this morning. I admit it I was asleep. I just heard about it when someone else mentioned it on FB. But it sure was cold. Tomorrow I'm off for four days down to the warmer weather of New Orleans. I haven't been there for at least 15 years, if not longer and I'm very interested in seeing it. And eating and searching for a large alligator skull (skinned thanks) to replace the one I'd had since 1986 and was "killed" by one of my cats. Also, to see if the voodoo dolls are different. When I attended the New Orleans Fantasy festival in the ...90s (I think) every year there would be different style voodoo dolls, which is why I have such a great collection. I'll be online but hopefully having too good a time partying with friends to be posting much.

The Chicago Tribune article about small horror presses came out Halloween weekend minus anything I contributed other than several of the recommended short stories. No credit. Except for the sourcing of Clive Barker's "Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament" as Darkness" Two Decades of Modern Horror. So not a total waste of my time. But mostly yes.

There's going to be an extensive interview with me conducted by Darrell Schweitzer for Orson Scott Card's Medicine Show in one of the next issues. I'll mention it when it shows up.
Yesterday my old loveseat/bed was dragged away by the nice young men who delivered by new loveseat (non-bed this time). Luckily this was all ordered and paid for two months ago, pre-computer meltdown and the expense associated with that. The cats have no yet discovered the joys of scratching leather.

Today I had lunch with a friend and then my flu shot (which itches--I thought I'd gotten stung by a mosquito and then shot-stop scratching). Sushi with another friend in about 15 minutes.

Tomorrow my new computer SHOULD be arriving at my po box. If it's not too heavy I can lug it home in a cab. If it is, I'll have to dragoon someone to help...
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( Aug. 29th, 2009 03:48 pm)
Not much, which is why I haven't posted anything this week. Last weekend I watched Hud. I might have seen it on tv once years ago but it was likely cut and if I did see it, I was too young to appreciate it. Newman's an effing hunk. Hud himself is an effing monster. Patricia Neal is beautiful and she and Melvyn Douglas deservedly won supporting actor Oscars for their performances. I remember at least one review referring to her character as a "slattern" and always wondered what was meant by that? Untidy, sluttish, lazy, sloppy? It seems to me that the Neal character is actually none of these in the movie. What she is, is a hard-working slightly older woman who is trying to keep her life stable by caring for a family of men, one of the three who worships her. Newman only won the Academy Award for his performance in The Color of Money, but should have won it for so many other performances, possibly including this one. He's mean, heartless, possibly evil: a genuine sociopath. Yet he's utterly sexy.

Last night I caught up with Slumdog Millionaire and quite liked it. I've never been to India (and frankly, have no desire to go) but it seems to me that Danny Boyle does renders the slums of Mumbai as realistically as one could without losing his audience. I hadn't listened to talk about the movie or read any reviews so even though I knew it won awards and I know what's been going on with a couple of the child stars I knew only the minimal information about the plot. Which was a good thing.

I've been watching the second season of Pushing Daisies and tonight I will watch the final disk. I'm devastated by the loss already and am hoping for a satisfying (as possible) ending.

During the week I've been working on my various anthologies and nursing a cough I developed Monday as a result (I'm guessing) of cigar smoking in my vicinity of a party Sunday evening--and it was outside! I've become more and more vulnerable to cigarette and cigar smoke in the last ten years, possibly because of the pneumonia I've several times. I've been drinking hot water with lemon and honey, taking herbal cough medicine when it's bad, and trying to take it easy. It's been a dry cough (which for me is worse than a wet cough) and the idea is to get the phlegm coming so I can hack it up. Luckily, everything's been remaining in the throat so far and not migrating into the my bronchial tubes or lungs, which would make it worse and make me feel worse. I feel fine in fact, except for when I unexpectedly start coughing (like in the middle of the night).

Anyway, aren't you glad you asked? I told you nothing much was happening :-)
Sorry I've been so quiet here but when I haven't been visiting my parents in Yonkers, I've been traveling (had a great time in Seattle at the Locus award weekend), and working. So I haven't been keeping up with my lj friends or facebook at all. But I AM alive and well.

And my dad is slowly recuperating. Tuesday there will be a meeting with the therapists and nurses to discuss his status. My parents and my sister and I are currently discussing (yes, my dad participating) whether they will stay in Yonkers for the season and/or move to Florida permanently.


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