April 2012
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01:04 pm

A reminder that I'm reading 2012 publications for Best Horror #5

10:03 pm

Photos from WHC/Stokers in Salt Lake City (and of SLC itself)

11:37 am

My mysterious life and/or how things grind exceedingly slow

10:18 pm

Full Honorable Mention List for Best Horror of the Year volume 4

10:22 pm

part 2

10:24 pm

part 3

10:24 pm

part 4

10:26 pm

part 5

03:29 pm

April Fantastic Fiction change--Kiernan cancellation, Elizabeth Bear to read

03:54 pm

The Best Horror of the Year volume four- Table of Contents

06:24 pm

Photos from April 18th KGB are now up

06:48 pm

Il Posto Nero Excellence Award

07:40 pm

Discussion of Poe at the Mount Vernon Public Library May 8th

07:45 pm

The Shirley Jackson Award short list is out

03:09 pm

Table of Contents for Hauntings


10:20 am

Karen Heuler and Victor LaValle read May 16 at KGB



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