For those who are interested, here is my full list of the 608 Honorable Mentions for the year 2011. Only fifty of these appear in the physical book. I have no idea how many stories I read or skimmed to reach this number. But a LOT more than are here.

Abbott, Alana Joli “Missing Molly,” Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror.
Adams-Florou, Socrates “Dead Bird,” Murmurations.
Addison, Linda D. “Demon Dance,”(poem) How to Recognize a Demon Has Become…
Addison, Linda D.“How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend 1,”(poem)Ibid.
Afsharirad, David “Model Home,” Space and Time spring #114.
Aiken, Joan “Hair,” F&SF July/August/ The Monkey’s Wedding and Other Stories.
Alford, Andrew “China Doll Recall,” Supernatural Tales 19 summer.
Allan, Nina “The Muse of Copenhagen,” House of Fear.
Allen, Mike “Heart’s Delight,” (poem) Not One of Us #46.
Amick, Steve “Not Even Lions and Tigers,” Ghost Writers.
Amundsen, Erik “The Lily of the West,” Not One of Us #46.
Anderton, Joanne “The Sea at Night,” Dead Red Heart.
Andrew, Jason “Moonlight in Scarlet,” Cover of Darkness September.
Arnopp, Jason “The Screams Next Door,” Voices from the Past.
Atkins, Peter “All Our Hearts are Ghosts,” Gutshot.
Atkins, Peter “Dancing Like We’re Dumb,” Rumours of the Marvellous.
Austin, Alec “The Vigil,” (poem) Stone Telling #4.
Ausubel, Ramona “Atria,” The New Yorker, April 4.
Backshall, Annette “Hunting Rabbits,” More Scary Kisses.
Bacon, Stephen “Home by the Sea,” The Eighth Black Book of Horror.
Bacon, Stephen “Persistence of Vision,” BFS Journal spring.
Ball, Peter “The Last Thing Said Before Silence,” Weird Tales 357, spring.
Ballingrud, Nathan “A Ghost is a Hole in the Mind,” Blog in a Jar.
Ballingrud, Nathan “Sunbleached,” Teeth.
Barbieri, Suzanne “Flowerface,” Full Fathom Forty.
Barker, Brian “Uncle Z’s Toupee,” Indiana Review, winter 2010.
Barnett, Barbara A. “The Holy Spear,” Black Static 25.
Barron, Laird “The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven,” Supernatural Noir.
Barron, Laird “The Men From Porlock,” (novella) The Book of Cthulhu.
Barron, Laird “The Siphon,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Barzak, Christopher “Smoke City,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May.
Baxter, Alan “Punishment of the Sun,” Dead Red Heart.
Beagle, Peter S. “Music, When Soft Voices Die,” Ghosts By Gaslight.
Bear, Elizabeth “Needles,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Bear, Elizabeth “The Romance,” Supernatural Noir.
Bell, Peter “The Rites of Pentecost,” Delicate Toxins.
Bergmann, F.J. “Coil,” (poem) Paper Crow, fall.
Bergmann, F.J. “Teeth,” (poem) Star*Line January/March
Berguño, George “Flaubert’s Alexandrine,” The Exorcist’s Travelogue.
Berry, Jedediah “Twenty-Eight Scenes For Neglected Guests,” Cape Cod Noir.
Bestwick, Simon “Kiss the Wolf,” Gutshot.
Bestwick, Simon “The Children of Moloch,” Death Rattles.
Beynon, David “”Symbiosis,” Evolve Two.
Biancotti, Deborah “Bad Power,” Bad Power.
Biancotti, Deborah “Palming the Lady,” Bad Power.
Black, Archie “Sadak In Search of The Waters of Oblivion,” Pandemonium.
Black, Holly “Noble Rot,” Naked City.
Bonansinga, Jay “Mole,” Shivers VI.
Borski, Robert “Breadcrumbs,” (poem) Blood Wallah and Other Poems.
Borski, Robert “Breadcrumbs,” (poem) Blood Wallah.
Borski, Robert “Gavage,” (poem) Dreams & Nightmares #88.
Boston, Bruce “Genetically Incorrect,” (poem) Surrealities.
Boston, Bruce “Semi-Circular Lecture on the Disposition of …,” (poem) Surrealities.
Bowes, Richard “Blood Yesterday, Blood Tomorrow,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Bowes, Richard “Hoffman, Godzilla, and Me,” Icarus. Fall.
Bowes, Richard “Mortal Bait,” Supernatural Noir.
Bowler, Dick “Dread Equine,” (poem) Cover of Darkness May.
Boyle, T. Coraghessan “Good Home,” Playboy March.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “And Still You Wonder Why Our First …”The Monster’s Corner. Brenchley, Chaz “Hortus Conslusus,” House of Fear.
Breukelaar, J. S. “Fixed,” Ink.
Brogden, James “The Last Dance of Humphrey Bear,” BFS Journal, Summer.
Brown, Judith “Canis Lupus, Rosa Canina,” Albedo One #40.
Brown, Simon “Thin Air,” Dead Red Heart.
Bruce, Georgina “The Illustrated Dreams of the Ancestors, Dark Tales XV.
Bruchac, Joseph “Helper,” Indian Country Noir.
Bulkin, Nadia “Absolute Zero,” Fantasy Magazine October.
Bulkin, Nadia “Supernatural,” Chizine #47.
Burgess, Donna “Pastures,” (poem) Paper Crow spring/summer.
Burke, Chesya “Cue: Change,” Let’s Play White.
Burke, Chesya “The Teachings and Redemption of Ms.Fannie Lou Mason,”(novella)ibid.
Burke, Chesya “What She Saw When They Flew Away,” Let’s Play White.
Bush, Jeremy “Snapshots of a Killer’ Mind,” Comes the Night.
Calhoun, Kenneth “Then,” Tin House: The Mysterious.
Campbell, Byron Alexander “On the Generation of Insects,” Innsmouth FP#7.
Cantwell, Adam S. “The Filature,” Delicate Toxins.
Carroll, Jonathan “East of Furious,” Conjunctions: 56, Terra Incognita.
Carter, Scott William “The Time of His Life,” Realms of Fantasy February.
Cashmore, Stephen “The Ticket Collector,” Supernatural Tales 19 summer.
Castro, Adam-Troy “Cherub,” Demons.
Cavalchini, Damon “Renfield’s Wife,” Dead Red Heart.
Chiang, Ted “Dacey’s Patent Automatic Nanny,” The Thackery T. Lamshead Cabinet of
Chislett, Michael “Endor,” Delicate Toxins.
Church, Suzanne, “The Needle’s Eye,” Chilling Tales.
Cisco, Michael “Bread and Water,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Claire, Regi “When the Red, Red Robin…” Murmurations.
Clark, Jennifer “Snake Wife,” (poem) Paper Crow, fall.
Clark, Stephen J. “Salmacis,” Delicate Toxins.
Clark, Stephen J. “The Horned Tongue,” Café Morphine.
Clitheroe, Heather “Forest Bathing,” Evolve Two.
Cluley, Ray “Pins and Needles,” Black Static 21, February/March.
Cluley, Ray “The Travellers Stay,” ,” Black Static 25.
Cluly, Ray “I Have Heard the Mermaids Sing,” Black Static #26.
Coffin, Lyn “Chute,” (poem) Stone Telling #6.
Colangelo, Michael R. “Blacklight,” Chilling Tales.
Colona, Sarah “Bluebeard’s First Wife,” (poem) Goblin Fruit, Autumn.
Colten, Marc “Critters,” Cover of Darkness May.
Connelly, Lawrence C. “The Executioner,” Gaslight Arcanum.
Conyers, David and Goodrich, John “The Masked Messenger,” Andromeda SIM #52.
Cooper, James “Cushing,” Black Static 21, February/March.
Coover, Robert “Going for a Beer,” The New Yorker, March 14.
Corrigan, John R. “Shooter,” AHMM April.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Scatter My Ashes,” F&SF Mar/April.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “The Black Mountain,” F&SF Ma/June.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “The Bogle,” F&SF January/February.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Where Have all the Young Men Gone,” F&SF September/October.
Crook, Jeff “Darnell Behind Glass,” Arcane spring.
Crowther, Peter “Ghosts with Teeth,” A Book of Horrors.
Curran, Tim “Long in the Tooth,” (novella) Bone Marrow Stew.
Curran, Tim “Night and Fog,” (novella) Bone Marrow Stew.
Currie, Bruce “The Head Gardener,” Dark Tales XV.
Danay, Brant “Beelzebub’s Messiah,” Weird Tales 358.
Danticat, Edwidge “Claire of the Sea Light. Haiti Noir.
Darbyshire, Peter “We Are All Ghosts,” Innsmouth Magazine #8.
Dare, Stephen M. “The House at the End of Smith Street,” What Fears Become.
David, Peter “Bronsky’s Dates with Death,” F&SF July/August.
Davidson, Craig “The Burn,” The Cincinnati Review, April.
Davis, Amanda C. “Drift,” Shock Totem #3.
Dorin, Ivan “Nosangreal,” Evolve Two.
Dorsey, Angela “Walled Gardens,” On Spec #84.
Dowling, Terry “The Shaddowesbox,” Ghosts By Gaslight.
DuBose, Preston P. “The Angry Stick,” Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror.
Due, Tananarive “The Lake,” The Monster’s Corner.
Duffy, Steve “X for Demetrious,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Duffy, Steve “Off the Tracks,” The Night Comes On.
Duffy, Steve “Widdershins the Barrow Round,” The Night Comes On.
Dyer, Thoraiya “The Bird, The Bees, and Thylacine,” ASIM 51.
East, Elyssa “Second Chance,” Cape Cod Noir.
Edwards, Jacob “Behind the Black Mask,” Dead Red Heart.
Edwards, Sarah L. “By Plucking Her Petals,” Interzone #232, Jan/Feb.
Ellingsen, Berit “Still Life of Hypnos,” Sein und Werden January.
Ellingsen, Berit “The Ascent,” Candle in the AtticWindow.
El-Mohtar, Amal “Pieces,” (poem) Stone Telling #4.
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Emshwiller, Carol “The New and Perfect Man,” The New and Perfect Man.
English, Tom “The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes,” Gaslight Arcanum.
Evenson, Brian “The Absent Eye,” Supernatural Noir.
Faulkner, Adrian “Jetsam,” BFS Journal winter, 2010.
Fay, Joanna “Black Heart,” Dead Red Heart.
Fay, Richard H. “What Greets Me at the End,” (poem), Cover of Darkness May.
Ferebee, K.M. “Bullet Oracle Instinct,” Shimmer 13.
Ferebee, K.M. “The House of Rejoicing,” Not One of Us #46.
Files, Gemma “Lie-Father,” (poem) Strange Horizons September 5.
Files, Gemma “Signal to Noise,” Chizine #47.
Files, Gemma “Some Kind Of Light Shines From Your Face,” Gutshot.
Files, Gemma “The Shrines,” Chilling Tales.
Finch, Paul “Full Circle,” Full Fathom Forty
Finch, Paul “Tok,” The Eighth Black Book of Horror.
Fletcher, Tom “Huginn and Muninn,” Murmurations.
Ford, Jeffrey “Daddy Long Legs of the Evening,” Naked City.
Ford, Jeffrey “Gaslight,” The Revelator volume 136, no. 1.
Ford, Jeffrey “Glass Eels,” New Jersey Noir.
Ford, Jeffrey “Sit the Dead,” Teeth.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Hog’s Peak Affair,” Portents.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Last Triangle,” Supernatural Noir.
Forth, John “Applause,” New Horizons 9.
Fosburg, Michael R. “Mischlings,” (poem) Abyss & Apex, Issue 39.
Fowler, Christopher “An Injustice,” House of Fear.
Fowler, Christopher “Killing the Cook,” Red Gloves.
Fowler, Christopher “Poison Pen,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Fowler, Christopher “The Adventure of Lucifer’s Footprints,” Gaslight Arcanum.
Fowler, Christopher “The Boy Thug,” Gutshot/Red Gloves.
Fowler, Christopher “The Curtain Parts,” Black Static 25.
Fowler, Christopher “The Mistake at the Monsoon Palace,” Red Gloves.
Friesner, Esther M. “The One That Got Away,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May.
Frost, Gregory “The Dingus,” Supernatural Noir.
Fry, Gary “Abolisher of Roses,” Spectral Press chapbook.
Garrison, A.A. “The Treasons,” Something Wicked #14.
Gates, Raymond “The Little Red Man,” Dead Red Heart.
Gee, Joshua “Where Wolves Never Wander,” Bites.
Geeson, Christopher M. “Punchbag,” New Horizons 9.
Ginn, David K. “Adelle’s Night,” What Fears Become.
Ginther, Chadwick “First Light,” On Spec summer.
Golaski, Adam “A Country Doctor,” Café Morphine.
Goldstein, Lisa “Little Vampires,” Realms of Fantasy April.
Goodfellow, Cody “Uncle Sid’s Collection,” Dead But Dreaming 2.
Graves, Rain “The Surrender,” (poem), Chizine #47.
Graves, Rain “Wild Card,” In Laymon’s Terms.
Gregory, Eric “The Harrowers,” Lightspeed, May.
Gresh, Lois “Debutante Ball,” Eldritch Evolutions.
Gresh, Lois “Geisha Black,” Eldritch Evolutions.
Gresh, Lois “Shadow at Redhook,” Eldritch Evolutions.
Gresh, Lois “Wee Sweet Girlies,” Eldritch Evolutions.
Grey, Orrin “Black Hill,” Historical Lovecraft.
Grey, Orrin “The Seventh Picture,” Candle in the Attic Window.
Grimwood, Terry “There is a Way to Live Forever,” BFS Journal spring.
Grintalis, Damien Walters “Like Origami in Water,” Daily Science Fiction Oct.
Guthridge, George “The Bridge,” Welcome to the Greenhouse.
Haggerty, John “The Meat Forest,” Shock Totem #3.
Hand, Elizabeth “Near Zennor,” (novella) A Book of Horrors.
Hand, Elizabeth “Uncle Lou,” Conjunctions 57: Kin.
Hannett, L. L. “Gutted,” Shimmer 13.
Hannett, Lisa L. “Carousel,” Bluegrass Symphony.
Hannett, Lisa L. “From the Teeth of Strange Children,” Bluegrass Symphony.
Hannett, Lisa L. “Fur and Feathers,” Bluegrass Symphony.
Hannett, Lisa L. “Them Little Shinin’ Things,” Bluegrass Symphony.
Hannett, Lisa L. White and Red in the Black,” Dead Red Heart.
Hanson, Donna Marie “The Life Stealer,” Dead Red Heart.
Hardy, Lachlan “The Bunyipslayer and the Bounty Hunter,” Aurealis #45.
Harland, Richard “An Exhibition of the Plague,” Anywhere But Earth.
Harland, Richard “Bad Thoughts and the Mechanism,” Ghosts by Gaslight.
Harvey, Euan “By Shackle and Lash,” Realms of Fantasy April.
Harwood, John “Face to Face,” Ghosts by Gaslight.
Hayes, Martin “Get It Down,” Innsmouth Free Press #6.
Haynes, Katherine “The Folded Hands,” Supernatural Tales 20.
Heuler, Karen “Fishwish,” Weird Tales 357, spring.
Hill, Joe Wolverton Station,” Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2.
Hines, Jim C. “In the Line of Duty,” Zombiesque.
Hirshberg, Glen “After-Words,” The Janus Tree and Other Stories.
Hodge, Brian “A Good Dead Man is Hard to Find,” Picking the Bones.
Hodge, Brian “Hate the Sinner, Love the Sin,” Picking the Bones.
Hodge, Brian “In the Raw,” Shivers VI.
Hodge, Brian “Scars in Progress,” Demons.
Holder, Nancy “Zombie Zero,” Zombiesque.
Hook, Andrew “Dizzy Land,” Black Static #26.
Hook, Andrew “On the Beach,” Unspoken Water #1.
Houarner, Gerard “Dead Medicine Snake Woman,” Indian Country Noir.
Houarner, Gerard “Tree of Shadows,” The Beast That Was Max.
Houser, Nik “A Beginner’s Guide to Sandcastle Alchemy,” Weird Tales 358.
Hughes, Rhys “Pity the Pendulum,” Link Arms With Toads!
Humphrey, Claire “Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of…” SH July.
Hyatt, G. Winston “End of the Line,” Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead.
Hynes, James “Backseat Driver,” Ghost Writers.
Insole, Colin “Lotte of the Black Piglet,” Delicate Toxins.
Insole, Colin “The Apoplexy of Beelebub,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthos.
Insole, Colin “The Princess of Phoenicia,” The Master in Café Morphine.
Irwin, J.J. “Haniver,” Shimmer 13.
Ivanoff, George “Vitality,” Dead Red Heart.
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Jackson, Nick “The Rabbit Keeper,” The Secret Life of the Panda.
Jacobs, John Horner “Old Dogs, New Tricks,” Surreal South ’11.
Jacobs, John Horner “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” The Book of Cthulhu.
Jakeman, Jane “Survival of the Fittest,” A Bracelet of Bright Hair.
Jameson, A.D. “The Wolves of St. Etienne,” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 27.
Jamneck, Lynn “Into the Black Abyss,” Something Wicked #15.
Jansen, Patty “Quarantine,” Dead Red Heart.
Jarvis, Zak “Grist,” Help! Wanted.
Jarvis, Zak “The Law of Resonance,” Demons.
Jernigan, Zachery “Pairs,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, August.
Jessup, Paul “And Out Came Words of Fire,” Innsmouth Magazine #8.
Jessup, Paul “Stone Dogs,” Candle in the Attic Window.
Johnson, Erik T. “Water Buried,” BFS Journal winter, 2010.
Johnson, Jeremy Robert “Persistence Hunting,” We Live Inside You.
Johnstone, Carole “Electric Dreams,” Black Static 23, July/August.
Johnstone, Carole “The Claife Crier,” Terror Tales of the Lake District.
Jones, Mark Howard “Crossing the Sea of Night,” Delicate Toxins.
Jones, Stephen Graham “Little Monsters,” Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters.
Jones, Stephen Graham “No Takebacks,” Phantasmagorium #1.
Justice, Mark “Auschlander’s Gem,” Looking at the World With Broken Glass in…
Justice, Mark “The Autumn Man,” Looking at the World With Broken Glass in…
Kasturi, Sandra “Foxford,” Chilling Tales.
Kaysen, Daniel “Hail,” Black Static 23, July/August.
Keene, Brian “Johnstown,” Portents.
Kelly, Jeremy “A Birth in the Year of the Miracle Plague,” Shock Totem #3.
Kempshall, Pete “All that Glisters,” Dead Red Heart.
Kendall, Rachel “Horror Stories for Boys,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies.
Kendell, Rachel “Elsbeth Schultz,” Cabala.
Kennedy, Keith “First Loves for the First Time,” (poem) Niteblade Magazine #15.
Kennett, Rick “On the Other Side,” Midnight Echo #5.
Kenworthy, Christopher “Sullom Hill,” chapbook.
Kermode, Deborah “The Candling,” Murmurations.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Charcloth, Firesteel and Flint,” The Book of Horror.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Dear Daughter Desmodus,” Sirenia Digest 70.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Hydraguros,” Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Maltese Unicorn,” Supernatural Noir.
Kilpatrick, Nancy “Sympathy for the Devil,” Chilling Tales.
Kilworth, Garry “Moretta,” House of Fear.
King, Stephen “Herman Wouk is Still Alive,” The Atlantic, April.
King, Stephen “The Dune,” Granta 117: Horror.
King, Stephen “Under the Weather,” Full Dark, No Stars.
Kleeman, Andrea “Fake Blood,” Zoetrope: All Story, the horror issue.
Kohler, Sheila “Wunderlich,” New Jersey Noir.
Koja, Kathe “Baby,” Teeth.
Koja, Kathe “Toujours,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Kontis, Alethea “The Unicorn Hunter,” Demons.
Krijnen-kemp, rj “Dogs,” Delicate Toxins.
Lalumière, Claude “Dead,” Chilling Tales.
Lanagan, Margo “Into the Clouds on High,” Yellowcake.
Lanagan, Margo “The Proving of Smollett Standforth,” Ghosts by Gaslight.
Lane, Joel “Birds of Prey,” Murmurations.
Lane, Joel “Bitter Angel,” Dark Horizons 61.
Lane, Joel “Midnight Flight,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies.
Lane, Joel “Those Who Remember,” Gutshot.
Langan, John “The Third Always Beside You,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Langan, John“TheUnbearable Proximityof Mr.Dunn’sBalloons,”GhostsbyGaslight.
Langan, Sarah “Beasts of Burden,” Gutshot.
Lansdale, Joe R. “Dark,” Portents.
Lansdale, Joe R. “Dead Sister,” Supernatural Noir.
Lansdale, Joe R. “The Bones That Walk,” Gutshot.
Larsen, Mekenzie “Duval Street,” Shock Totem #3.
Lawson, Chris “Apologetoi,” Dead Red Heart.
LeBoeuf, Nicole J. “First Breath,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Lees, Tim “Durgen’s Party,” Black Static 22, April/May.
Lees, Tim “How the Sixties Ended,” Black Static 24.
Lemberg, Rose “A Mother Goes Between,” Jabberwocky July.
Lemberg, Rose “If I had Reb Yoel's Violin,” (poem) Inkscrawl #1.
Leslie, V. H. “Ulterior Design,” Black Static 21 February/March.
Leslie, V.H. “Time Keeping,” Black Static 23, July/August.
Levine, Rebecca “The Windmill,” House of Fear.
E. Michael Lewis “The Fifth Corner,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthlogies.
Link, Kelly “The Summer People,” Tin House: The Ecstatic/Steampunk.
Little, Bentley “Meeting Joanne,” In Laymon’s Terms.
Littlewood, Alison “About the Dark,” Black Static 25.
Littlewood, Alison J. “The Pool,” Shadows & Tall Trees issue 2.
Llewellyn, Livia “And Love Shall Have No Dominion,” Demons.
Llewellyn, Livia “Summer of Love,” Chizine #47.
Lockley, Steve “Sea Monkeys,” Unspoken Water 2.
Logan, Simon “A Whispered Apocalypse,” Chizine #47.
Lopez, Belen “Don’t Tell Mama,” Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead.
Maberry, Jonathan “Saint John,” The Monster’s Corner.
MacRoibin, Sean “The Horizontal Door,” Box of Delights.
Maginn, Robin “A Room of Empty Frames,” Albedo One #41.
Maginn, Robin “Vanishing Tom’s Blues,” Albedo One #40.
Malcohn, Elissa “The Last Dragon Slayer,” (poem) Mythic Delirium 24.
Malzberg, Barry N. and Pronzini, Bill “Caius,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Malzberg, Barry N. and Pronzini, Bill “Meadowlands Spike,” New Jersey Noir.
Mamatas, Nick “Dreamer of the Day,” Supernatural Noir.
Mamatas, Nick “Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Nyarlathotep,” Future Lovecraft.
Mamatas, Nick “The Big Dark,” Dark Discoveries 18, winter/spring.
Mammone, Robert “The Well,” BFS Journal, winter 2010.
Marano, Michael “Shibbeleth,” Stories From the Plague Years.
Marney, Eleanor “Mandurang,” Box of Delights.
Marr, Melissa “Guns for the Dead,” Naked City.
Marshall, Helen “Skin,” Future Lovecraft.
Marvick, Louis “Devil’s Music,” Shadows & Tall Trees issue 2.
Marvick, Louis “Is for Ilinx,” Supernatural Tales 19 summer.
Massie, Elizabeth “Miss Dowdy,” Portents.
Mathew, David “Residua,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies.
McCaffery, Simon “Still Life,” Black Static 24.
McCoy, Angel Leigh “Crack O’Doom,” Fear of the Dark.
McDermott, Kirstyn “Frostbitten,” More Scary Kisses.
McGuire, Rex ‘The City,” Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead.
McHugh, Ian “The Godbreaker of Seggau-li,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mag.50.
McMahon, Gary “Among the Leftovers,” It Knows Where You Live.
McMahon, Gary “His Father’s Son,” Death Rattles.
McMahon, Gary “Hope is a Small Thing…,” It Knows Where You Live.
McMahon, Gary “Just Another Horror Story,” It Knows Where You Live.
McMahon, Gary “Pull My Finger,” Unspoken Water #1.
McMahon, Gary “Sheep,” It Knows Where You Live.
McMahon, Gary “The Ghost of Rain,” Dark Minds.
McMahon, Gary “What They Hear in the Dark,” chapbook.
McMahon, Paul “The Christopher Chair,” Epitaphs.
McOmber, Adam “This New and Poisonous Air,” This New and Poisonous Air.
Mead, Donald “Spider Hill,” F&SF September/October.
Measom, Kate “The Wolf Runs it the Barley,” Dark Tales XV.
Medaille, John “So Speaketh the Trauma Gods,” The Journal of Unlikely Entomology 1.
Mei, Xin “Less Talk, Less Mistake,” The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories: Crime.
Meikle, William “Inquisitor,” Historical Lovecraft.
Meikle, William “The Color that Came to Chiswick,” Gaslight Arcanum.
Meikle, William “The Unfinished Basement,” Dead But Dreaming 2.
Meloy, Paul “Villanova,” House of Fear.
Michaud, Anne “Misery of Me,” Tattered Souls 2.
Miéville, China “Covehithe,” Guardian May.
Miles, Chris “The Household Debt,” ASIM 51.
Miller, Christopher K. “Cowboy’s Row,” Chilling Tales.
Miller, Gregory “The Winter Noise,” The UncannyValley.
Mills, Daniel “The Naked Goddess,” Delicate Toxins.
Minnion, Keith “Dead Eye,” It’s For You.
Minnion, Keith “Island Funeral,” It’s For You.
Mitchell, Benjamin “Die Kuche,” Dark Tales XV.
Mitchell, William “Jiang Shi,” Something Wicked #14.
Mok, Anne “Beacons Among the Stars,” Evolve Two.
Mok, Anne “Interview with the Jiangshi,” Dead Red Heart.
Moll, Maryanne“God is the Space Between,”The DigestofPhilippineGenre Stories:Crime.
Monette, Sarah “Why Do You Linger?”, Subterranean #8.
Moore, Alison “The Egg,” Murmurations.
Moore, Brock “’Oblivion Takes Out the Trash,” (poem) Dreams & Nightmares 89 May.
Moreno-Garcia, “Sylvia “A Puddle of Blood,” Evolve Two.
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( Apr. 16th, 2012 10:24 pm)
Morlan, A. R. “Debris,” Ewerton Death Trip.
Morris, Mark “Lost and Found,” Long Shadows, Nightmare Light.
Morris, Mark “Salad Days,” Long Shadows, Nightmare Light.
Morris, Mark “Waiting for the Bullet,” Gutshot.
Morrow, Bradford “The Enigma of Grover’s Mill,” New Jersey Noir.
Morrow, James “The Iron Shroud,” Ghosts By Gaslight.
Murakami, Ryu “Penlight,” Zoetrope: All Story, the horror issue.
Murphy Nicole R. “The Fairy King’s Child,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mag. 50.
Murr, Joe L. “The Pillow Book of Liisa Härkönen,” Chizine #47.
Muslim, Kristine Ong “The Invisible,”(poem) Unspoken Water #1
Muslim, Kristine Ong “The Seventh Stranger,” (poem) Paper Crow, fall.
Myers, E.C. “All the Lonely People,” Shimmer 13.
Nassise, Joseph “Money Well-Earned,” The Mothman Files.
Nate Southard “The Blisters on My Heart,” Supernatural Noir.
Ness, Mari “The Woods, Their Hearts, My Blood,” Jabberwocky October.
Nevala-Lee, Alec “Kawataro,” Analog June.
Nevill, Adam “What God Hath Wrought,” Gutshot.
Newman, Kim “Cases,” Portents.
Newman, Kim “The Adventure of the Six Maledictions,” (novella) Gaslight Arcanum.
Nickle, David “Looker,” Chilling Tales.
Niveau, Thana “Antlers,” Death Rattles.
Niveau, Thana “The Coal-Man,” The Eighth Black Book of Horror.
Nix, Garth“ The Curious Case of the Moondawn Daffodils ...,”Ghosts By Gaslight.
Northern, Barry J. “Dark Secrets,” Their Dark Masters.
Ó Guilín, Peadar “The Drowner,” Albedo One #40.
O’Brien, James “The Man Comes Around,” Surreal South ‘11.
O’Driscoll, Mike “The Rediscovery of Death,” TheHorrorAnthologyofHorror Anthlogies.
Oates, Joyce Carol “Helping Hands,” Boulevard/The Corn Maiden.
Oates, Joyce Carol “Vena Cava,” Portents.
Ocampo, Victor Fernando R. “Resurrection,” Philippine Speculative fiction 6.
Ochse, Weston “Driving the Milky Way,” House of Fear.
Ochse, Weston “Forever Beneath the Scorpion Tree,” Multiplex Fandango.
Ochse, Weston “Fugue on the Sea Cortez,” Multiplex Fandango.
Ochse, Weston “High Desert Come to Jesus,” Multiplex Fandango.
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