Nothing much happening since I returned from Salt Lake City-I'll mostly be home until late May, with a a couple of brief personal trips.

I'm finishing up the ghost reprint anthology for Tachyon this month. Now titled Hauntings. I'll announce the TOC as soon as I buy the last few stories.

Prime has a forthcoming reprint anthology edited by Paula Guran called Ghosts: Recent Hauntings. Hers will be out first although mine has been in the works since late 2009* --that's when I started approaching some of the writers I wanted in the book for specific stories and that's when I originally pitched the book to a publisher that expressed interested. They never followed through and so the book was finally bought by Tachyon late-2011.

Although some of the contributors overlap between Paula's and my volumes, none of the stories do. And I believe that my anthology takes a broader view of "ghosts" and "hauntings."

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