Just got back from Florida, helping out my mom, who is ailing-it's been tough and I'm very glad to be home. I was down there three times in the past two months, for 7-8 days each time. I have more traveling this summer (Readercon, Launchpad, Chicon) and possibly another trip to Florida in August.

So because all this is kind of emotionally draining (and I hate hate hate having to cook and/or prepare food regularly -even if most of it's not from scratch-plus doing dishes for two people regularly --now I know why my mom uses the dishwasher--I stupidly insisted on doing the dishes in the sink every time. Next time, screw it. Dishwasher it is).....I'm glad to have two great pre-pub blog reviews of AFTER plus the official news that the book has been taken for the Junior Literary Guild, for January 2013. For those who don’t know what that means (I didn't), you can read about it here:


but basically choices by the Guild are recommended to member libraries for their collections. (more sales, more readers).

Oops. I forgot the interview Charles Tan did with me for the Jackson Award website: http://tinyurl.com/7dd6lu4

(and yes, I'm too tired to get rid of the urls. Sorry.)

Here are the two reviews:
on the Bundles of Books blog: http://tinyurl.com/88ts25e

and from Alamosa Books: http://tinyurl.com/cxzvndt

And there's a rave review of The Best Horror of the Year volume 4 by Stefan Dziemianowicz in the July Locus.

He talks about each story (which I'm not going to quote) but will quote his summing up:
"As in all previous year’s-best volumes that she has compiled, Datlow provides an overview of the year in horror that reveals tastes as eclectic as the stories she has chosen. Increasingly, the benefit of her year’s end summaries cannot be overestimated. Over the last two decades horror has become less circumscribed as a genre and more diffuse as a sensibility that percolates through other types of fiction and seeps into many areas obscured to the average reader. Datlow finds horror worth noting in many unlikely places, which makes her summation as indispensable the stories she selects."

This makes me very happy.


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