I've already received more than one email or comment on a post asking if I'm reading novel manuscripts for Tor, if I can check in the Tor.com (or Tor) slush pile for someone's story/novel.

No I cannot. The reasons being:

1) I am consulting for TOR.COM --that is the website, which publishes short stories not novels. I am not buying novels. I did consult for Tor, acquiring and editing novels around 2000-2005.

2) I have not been hired to look at the Tor.com (or TOR) slush pile. There are slush readers for that. (and just fyi, I believe there are a couple of new ones, and so Tor's hoping to catch up soon).

3) I am soliciting short stories from specific writers. As I am only buying a handful of stories annually (at this point) I am not reading unsolicited submissions. If you are someone whose work I've bought in the past you can query me.
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