FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts

Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel


Richard Bowes winner of two World Fantasy Awards, an International Horror Guild, and a Million Writer Award. Recent and forthcoming short story appearances include: F&SF, Icarus, Lightspeed and the anthologies, Ghost's: Recent Hauntings, Handsome Devil, Hauntings, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, and Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations. His new novel Dust Devil on a Quiet Street
will be published July 2n by Lethe Press which also just reissued his Lambda Award winning novel Minions of the Moon. Also out this year will be two short story collections: The Queen, the Cambion and Seven Others and If Angels Fight.


Alaya Dawn Johnson is the author of the Spirit Binders series (Racing the Dark and The Burning City) and the Zephyr Hollis novels (Moonshine and Wicked City). The Summer Prince is her official YA debut, which Kirkus has called "luminous" in a starred review. She is currently working on her follow-up YA novel, set in
an elite DC private school during a flu pandemic.
Wednesday April 17th, 7pm at
KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.)
New York, NY
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Word will be selling books by the readers

Sponsored in part by Cemetery Dance Publications
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