I missed posting about it yesterday, as I'm down in Florida with my mom, who shockingly wants to go out instead of waiting for me to post, answer emails, etc.

So...Open Road Media has released Alien Sex, Off Limits, and Sirens as ebooks as of yesterday. They're available for the nook and kindle and probably other formats. I spot checked and you can buy them on amazon.uk. I reread all three books prepping for the two day long interview/shoot with me right before Worldcon and most of the stories (even the old old reprints) don't feel dated. And some are even more relevant today than they were when they were first published.

Alien Sex half originals/half reprints sold well when it came out and was translated around the world. My favorite edition is the Italian, illustrated by Italian cartoonist Manero-the illos are totally comic style and deal with each story literally. They NSFW (you can find some of them online).

Off Limits was mostly originals with only a few reprints. The stories are powerful and most are not "feel good" but they give a wide variety of takes on relationships between/among the genders. I'm very proud of the anthology and would love to see it get more play.

Sirens was edited by Terri and myself and is the only one that really is erotic. There are some fine stories by excellent writers.


and here's a video about me: beware, if you're afraid of dolls. This will not comfort you

I hope you'll pass on the news that these books are available again.


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