Friday July 13
11:00 AM ME The Year in Short Fiction. Ellen Datlow (leader), Paula Guran. We will discuss the speculative short fiction (aka horror in this case and will mostly be mostly be discussing 2011) published since last Readercon.

5:00 PM E Autographs. Ellen Datlow, James Morrow.(if you want to buy specific OP titles from me-it would be great if you could let me know in advance so if I've got 'em, I can bring them.)

Saturday July 14
2:00 PM CL Kaffeeklatsch. Ellen Datlow, Kathleen Ann Goonan.

Sunday July 15
10:00 AM F Uncanny Taxonomies. Daniel Abraham (leader), Ellen Datlow, Caitlín R. Kiernan, John Langan, Jeff VanderMeer. When considering the literatures of the uncanny—horror, dark fantasy, supernatural fiction, the weird, etc.—it can be difficult for a more casual reader to distinguish between the marketing-based labels and real differences in concern and approach. Moving away from common genre labels, our focus will be on the specific areas of uncanniness various authors have investigated in their writings. We will attempt to establish key commonalities and differences within and between their writings and other notable past and recent works. Possible topics include knowledge versus the unknowable, and the scope of possible knowledge; certainty and uncertainty, and the value of each; truth as power versus truth as horror; the body and the mind; the possibility or impossibility of metaphor; and the primacy of our world and the drive to transcend it, or to inhabit it more completely.

11:00 AM G The Shirley Jackson Awards.

In between you might very well find me in the bar.


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