Anna Kashina just interviewed me a few days ago about editing. What an anthology editor does--the process of what's involved in putting together a good anthology. The timing as it happens, is perfect, because I just read an unbelievably ignorant post by a self-titled "editor" who informs us: "The work is not hard. In fact, it takes very little time although one must be an able communicator. ... I can tell you that the time it takes to work on an anthology is negligible when compared to the time it takes for writers to contribute their stories. It mostly consists of waiting for the short stories to be delivered by their due date—then reading them at night when the work for the day is done and editing where appropriate". Read more here: How editors Juggle Anthologies.

So here's what editors actually do when editing anthologies Interview with Ellen Datlow, award-winning editor of science fiction, fantasy, and horror

Pass it on.


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